Why The Invisible Festival is a Fantastic Idea

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Invisible Festival is a virtual festival right in your backyard. Powered by Spotify and with a noble cause.

This post is by Julius Solaris, your Editor in Chief. He is @tojulius on twitter .

I was immediately hooked while listening to my favourite music player by the Invisible Festival ad.

The idea is simply marvellous. Following the trend of user generated events, the Invisible Festival adopts extremely well Social Media to deliver a powerful message in a great way.

What is it?

It’s a virtual event that leverages on the power of Spotify, flickr and twitter, to raise awareness for Cancer Research UK.

As from Matt, Mark and Paul – the organizers – describe it:

The Invisible Festival is an online virtual music festival, hosted by you but soundtracked by us. It’s the world’s only 100% mud free, crowd-free, rain-free, tout-free, queue-free, free-free virtual festival.

It’s a terrific idea

This is one of those few initiatives that really grab my attention. We’ve extensively been talking about the power of user generated events and the changing role of event planners.

The Invisible Festival brings together all of the above with a great, balanced Social Media mix.

A Contaminated Concept

This is a great example of a contaminated concept. Ac concept that is born and develops around Social Media, Although there is no actual event, not even a virtual one, the aggregation component becomes the event in itself, leveraging on existing platforms. All of the above with a relatively small budget.

Congratulations to Matt Mark and Paul for the terrific job and a great lesson for all of us about creativity and delivering real value to the end user.