28 Gift Ideas and Gadgets for Event Planners

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Treat the event planner in your life or reward members of your event planning team with some of these last-minute Christmas gift ideas for items they actually need and want.


What do you get the eventprof guru who always seems to have everything under control? If you need some inspiration for gift ideas, we have highlighted some items they would really cherish. From organizational streamlining and little pockets of luxury, to entrepreneurial gains and cool gadgets, these items are sure to be high on the event planner wish list. Here is the ultimate gift inspiration guide for event professionals.

  1. Bullet Journal

If they haven’t started on this productivity craze already then a bullet journal could be the perfect place to start. If they want to take back control of their to-do list it will be the gift that just keeps on giving! Even if they are a #bujo convert then why not buy them their next journal of choice, or a Traveler’s Notebook, or accessories like fineliners, fun stickers, washi tape, brush pens, highlighters, small sticky notes, stencils or other elements that they can include in it. Whether they are minimalist or creative in their approach there are lots of options to explore here and to match whatever budget you have to spend.

  1. Sparkly Lanyards

Whether it’s security passes, event badges or your own planner VIP pass there is always going to be a need to showcase credentials when attending an event. Sparkly lanyards or those with a fun print can be a thoughtful and interesting addition that can make your event planning team stand out and also work as an ice breaker and conversation starter at events too.

  1. Spa Hamper

At the end of a trying or long event day it’s nice to relax and while a spa trip may not be in the budget, a hamper with some luxurious goodies could be the next best thing. From soaps, a new robe or slippers, scented candles, and a face mask can give an immediate relaxation. Plus, the hamper can be adaptable to your budget.

  1. Travel Coffee Cup

Did you not know that event planners run on caffeine? Having their own travel cup (with a lid) can keep them hydrated throughout the day and saves their money (and the environment.) Have it personalized so that it doesn’t get lost in the crowd and make sure you check that it fits in a cup holder so that it is perfect for traveling too!

  1. Charging Essentials

Your phone dying during an event is not just a problem for attendees, an event planner without a phone is left without a lifeline. A dead battery needs to be avoided at all costs, particularly if working on a live event, so charging solutions are always appreciated. You could stray away from the traditional cumbersome bricks (you probably have enough from swag bags by now anyway). Instead try new options like solar powered, power cards that are slim and can fit in a wallet, or a bigger bank for multiple devices for traveling.

  1. Foldables

Foldable and lightweight; anything that can be pocket-sized for convenience without taking up space is likely to be a hit. For example, foldable coats for outdoor events, pillows and blankets for traveling or even a tiny foldable bag that fits in your pocket when empty can be handy space savers and practical gifts.

  1. Light Luggage

Whether it’s hand luggage or the extra light, easy to maneuver suitcases these are essentials for a traveling eventprof. The weight makes a huge difference, particularly if you are traveling straight to a venue but still want luggage big enough to pack everything you need.

  1. Emergency Kit

You can buy these pre-made or you can create a bespoke one yourself. An emergency kit can comprise of things like; gel shoe inserts, lip balm, plasters, mini sewing kit, a mirror, mints, tweezers and even a miniature set of screwdrivers. Making it yourself can help you adapt it to your event planner and their event planning style.

  1. Travel Adapter

For the international event planner, a travel adapter that is compact and allows them to charge and use outlets in whichever country they are in can take away some of the traveling stress. Plus, it’s perfect for last minute packing when short on time.

  1. Yearly Planner

There are mobile calendar apps but some planners still like to have their dates, details and plans in paper format in front of them. A professional, portable yearly planner could be a useful gift idea. Alternatively, a large editorial style calendar can fit a lot more projects in it and it’s a fantastic addition to the office.

  1. Sports Watch

Health and fitness is important for many eventprofs so a sports watch or pedometer will help them to equate all that event walking mileage into something tangible to record. Most watches also tell the time and connect to a smartphone to get notifications so they will help productivity too! And if the whole event planning team has access to these stats you can gamify the activity and even create a competitive leaderboard to give an added incentive.

  1. Home Assistants

On the subject of productivity, for those with a higher budget, buy a home assistant such as Google Home or Amazon Echo which have features such as calling, they can display notifications to your phone or even Chromecast your digital calendar to the connected TV. These devices can transform a home office and give your eventprof entrepreneur their own assistant (for a fraction of the cost.)

  1. Wallet Multi-Tool

These are handy but sturdy cards that have a variety of different elements on them, including bottle or can openers, a tiny screwdriver, a hex head spanner, phone stand capabilities and a box opener all in one card, so that event planners are never without a tool!

  1. Snazzy Device Case

Give their device an upgrade by buying them a new sleeve for their tablet or bag for their laptop, something professional but personal that has good built-in protection so that it can be put in a bag and forgotten about. We need to protect our devices and otherwise we’d be lost without them.

  1. Mobile Pointer Pen

Two things an event planner shouldn’t be without are a pen and a mobile pointer, they are great for emphasis during meetings or direction on the event floor and the low power laser options can help tell suppliers or tradesman where to fix or install things accurately!

  1. Bluetooth Speakers

Aside from the great music you can play, Bluetooth speakers that are light and portable can be very useful for events and meetings. They can be a quick backup if your microphone system is down and someone wants to make a speech (simply download a microphone app onto your phone and it will play through both!) Alternatively, speakers can play louder audio without the need to set-up or deal with wires, just turn on and go, making them effective and professional.

  1. Sturdy Phone Case

With the potential for drop and damage at every opportunity or for the eventprof that likes to leave theirs lying around a phone case can be important. Make sure to look for options that fit around the sides (some even have screen attachments) so that you can get the most protection. Personalize or opt for an interesting design, it is a gift after all.

  1. Wallet Light

These slimline, card shape lights can fit into a purse or wallet and are handy for those hard to reach places, or even to find things in the bottom your bag. Although not massively powerful they can be useful in a jam or if you are trying to connect something and need a little extra light, plus they take up no space.

  1. Travel Clothes Protector or Steamer

For the event day outfit or perfect suit that needs to be kept pristine for a business meeting, clothes protectors are perfect and professional. Many have travel options so they are slimline and often travel bags have their own removable or hanging compartment if you look specifically. Another alternative is a hand travel steamer that can quickly get the wrinkles out of anything so your event planner is always looking their best.

  1. Portable Projector

Avoid lengthy set-ups or having to book expensive meeting locations just because you need basic projector facilities. Although these are higher budget, they are often very handy and can be used at client meetings, corporate lunches or even a small event in a pinch.

  1. Tablet Reader

Excelling in the industry requires research, hard work and often reading, whether it’s new statistics and trends, reports, e-books or presentations so make them more accessible by getting your event planner an e-reader. Something slimline with a decent screen that has internet access would be ideal, this is also a great companion for long journeys, flights, and travel away from home.

  1. Online Productivity Tool Subscription

Productivity tools can be incredibly useful but often costly and although some offices will include them for staff, for eventprofs who work from home or have their own business they can be a luxury expense that not many can afford. Help their business and make their life easier year-round with a subscription to their favorite service for a year.

  1. Monthly Food Box

Who doesn’t love delicious food delivered to their door (or office) each month? From cheese, wine or gourmet sandwiches you can get food subscription boxes for literally anything and they are a fun surprise each month to tuck into. Often you can pre-pay for subscription boxes for a month, 6 months or year depending on your budget.

  1. App Store Credit

If you are really stuck on what they want, buy them credit to the App or Play store for their smartphone for ad-hoc purchases they need. How many times does an event planner have to quickly download (and often pay for) apps that they will never use again for the sole purpose of fixing last minute issues?

  1. Subscription To Industry or Business Podcasts

Industry-specific podcasts can be a fun, but productive way of staying in the loop on your commute or in your downtime with minimal effort, but it’s not often that you want to pay for a subscription because it’s a luxury. Have their work in mind and find out their favorite podcasts and buy a subscription credit for them.

  1. Luxury Overnight Stay After Events

Are you the boss? Splash out by paying for a luxury overnight stay for their next event, in a fancy hotel with amenities included to show how much you care and appreciate their hard work. Plus, staying overnight can help recover from long event days and reduce stress and tiredness.

  1. Discounts From Suppliers

If you are a supplier looking to reward your favorite event planner after they repeatedly threw work your way this year, avoid the bottle of wine and give them something that they can keep using, EXCLUSIVE discounts. It gives them a price edge over competitors and guarantees more orders being given to suppliers, plus it strengthens your business relationship.

  1. Spa Day Vouchers

If you have the budget or a facility close by you can buy a pamper session for event planners to reward them for all their hard work, this could include treatments or simply lunch and relaxation using the facilities.

BONUS – 10 Top Event Planner Gadgets

Event planners often LOVE gadgets and so we highlighted a few favorites, which would make excellent gifts in this video. Watch to find out the top gadgets that eventprofs would love to receive, including:

  1. Cocoon Grid-It
  2. Bobino
  3. Fantaseal Phone-Grip
  4. Urbanears Hellas Bluetooth Headphones
  5. Small Lovely Tracker
  6. Elekin Smart Power Strip
  7. Kankha Travel Cable Organizer 
  8. Raspberry Pi 
  9. A1 DP300 LED Projector 
  10. Mevo Camera 


Whether you’re the boss, husband, best friend or supplier now you can treat the event planner in your life with something that they want and will keep on using! No excuses for a rubbish gift this year.