The Future of Event Marketing [New Report]

Skift Take

We are very glad to announce the release of our latest report, The Future of Event Marketing. Grab your free copy now.

Event marketing is the hot topic of 2017.

With sponsorship money quickly disappearing, a tense macro-economic environment and audiences maturing on social media, we face an incredible amount of uncertainty. So what does the future of event marketing look like?

We teamed up with our friends at etouches to deliver an overview of what the future looks like.

Bear in mind, the future is now. In this quick read, aimed primarily at corporate event managers and agencies, we will explain why there is no time for hype. In fact, the future is already happening. Macro trends affecting digital marketing, attendee engagement and social media are already affecting the way we market events.

Our readers often ask us how can they keep up with such fast paced change in an incredibly loud and fragmented environment. This report is the answer.


What’s In It for You?

  • Get access to the 2017 trends in corporate event marketing.
  • Provides a quick strategy and persona targeting update.
  • Sums up the tools worth looking at for next year.

All of above is not some high level, vanilla advice. It is a very practical outlook at improving marketing for your events next year. A report worth sharing with your colleagues and a fantastic way to convince your boss that 2017 is the year to embrace change.

Grab Your Free Copy

With contribution from our deputy editor, Becki Cross and event social media expert Nick Borelli – together with yours truly – this is a 1 hour read that you cannot afford to miss.

Thanks to our friends at etouches for making the report possible.

Enough said – grab your free copy here.