So who’s doing it right?

Skift Take

I've highlighted in the past how conferences, meetings and networking events are boring to death, outdated, do not take care of technology and exploit attendees for crazy ROI. Here's who you should follow.

Photo by kev.flanagan

I don’t like to be destructive, in fact I got several projects going on. You can check them on the sidebar. I’ve been asked for case studies of best practices in current event management. So if you already got rid of your EM books, have a look and tell me what you think in the comment section.

1. One Media

If you  really want to pay for an unconference, and I know you feel safer when you do,  these guys nailed it. They didn’t priced £3000 which is a start. They got great things going on on the website. They used ning to quickly create a community and I liked it. I liked the discounts for NGO’s.  The conference is targeting SME and I enjoyed the “it’s up to you” approach. If you are a small business owner, you don’t want to listen to boring bullet points. Good deal.


Let me quote Grace:

“We will be amplifying the conference again this year with livestreamed keynotes, blogging of the sessions, micro-blogging via twitter, photo-sharing and videos. […] Finally, I have introduced a set of environmental standards which relate specifically to the JISC Conference 2009″

This sounds all good to me. This is what you need to do, this is how you do it! Well done Grace!

Thanks @jukesie for pointing that out before my Google Reader delivered the feed.

3. Bettr

It is work in progress, but hey great idea. Again unconference style sessions, putting together education start-ups. This how you make a difference.

Thanks @lauradee for letting me know