Meet the New EventMB

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I am very pleased to announce a new look for EventMB. Here is how to use the new website and some of the new cool things you can expect in the coming weeks.

Whenever you get to the end of a 6-month long project you can’t wait to see how your audience is going to react. Running a blog is like running an event. A lot of planning and pressure to deliver.

I am very proud of my team of talented individuals who have been able to deliver one of the biggest redesign we’ve ever undergone. Let me show you what’s new and some of the cool things we’ve prepared for you.

New Name and Logo

Event Manager Blog is and will always be a blog. You will always find us at Alas we feel we’ve outgrown the concept of being ‘just a blog’. We’ve delivered an incredible amount of research, strategic reports and reviews.

EventMB has grown 40% year on year in traffic. Where others struggle, we thrive. We are meeting new audiences from different walks of life and professional backgrounds. We want to introduce ourselves with a name that is shorter and quicker but delivers our story and where we come from.

So here it is:

EMB_image_Meet the new eventmb

We’ve updated our color scheme after testing it in several other versions and we are happy with the feedback we’ve received. New logos are always a pain in the neck to get used to. We don’t like change and while it may take a while to get used to it, I got to love it after seeing it everywhere on our screens for a few months.

New Sections and Writers

Let’s get to the reason why you love us so much, great content. We’ve enrolled three of the people I respect the most in the event industry, Kevin Jackson – VP of GPJohnson and President of ISES UK, Padraic Gilligan of SoolNua Marketing and Michelle Bruno of EventTechBrief.

They will bring more expert insight in topics such as attendee experience, venues and event technology.

They join a powerful team of 10 writers that will keep bringing you an incredible amount of quality content with one objective in mind: make your event awesome.

A new topic we are quite excited about is Wedtech. Technology for weddings is growing and we will start looking at cool startups making a difference there.

New Sections

We completely overhauled our home page. We’ve summed up all our content in 3 main channels that sum up our mission to bring:


to the event industry. We’ve reorganized categories and simplified information retrieval.

The new homepage offers more prominence to some of the new projects we successfully launched over the past 4 years:

– Free Resources: This section collects all our reports, infographics and presentations.
– Reviews: This section collects all our #eventtech reviews, organized by category
– Webinars: A new section coming up in October that will collect all our webinars, starting from this one next week.

New Subscription Options and Reactions

Together with your current email or RSS subscription, you can now subscribe to a weekly newsletter highlighting the posts of the week.

There is also a separate subscription available for WedTech posts. You decide the best option to get your dose of quality content.

You will also be able to react to each post. Sometimes a comment is too much. Just let us know if you liked, disliked a post or if you found it inspiring or helpful. It will help us to shape content in the future. Just log in with Facebook to create an account and react to each post.

In Conclusion

There are hundreds of small changes in our new look you will get to explore and learn about while venturing in the site. While we’ve tested and tested for days, some bugs may arise from time to time. Let us know if you spot anything not working as it should.

We are excited about this next chapter of our incredible adventure. As a small, independent and self-funded publication, we need your support to keep delivering content that makes eventprofs’ amazing job easier.