Use Eventbrite Like a Pro: Beyond Social Media

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Here is the third post in our featured series about optimising Eventbrite to sell more tickets and learn the nifty little features they’ve been able to pull together.

So we’ve looked at its powerful reporting and how it integrates with Facebook.

Today I’d like to focus on a few features that can improve your event marketing effort and for once not only focussed around social media.

Master SEO with proper Title and Description

I remember that when I started to use Eventbrite I immediately noticed the impact it has on SEO.

If you run your own event website, unless you don’t put a lot of work into it, it is going to be tough to achieve the same results on Google.

This is because Eventbrite’s team have optimised pages to show only the relevant information that Google is looking for.

Your event title and description are likely to show up quite high in search engines because event pages belong to the Eventbrite domain that has million of pages and links. Google likes that and you should like it as well.

When you are writing your event title and description make sure you carefully research the keywords you want to be indexed for.

Also pick the right categories as it helps to better segment your event.

Pull the Right Levers with Affiliates

I’ve been asked a lot of times how do you set up an affiliate network for your event?

There are a lot of standalone tools to create a bulletproof affiliate machine.

The problem is that they mostly work in sylos with little integration with your existing marketing and registration system.

With Eventbrite affiliates are part of your dashboard and perfectly integrated with ticketing.

Just click on the “Create Affiliate Link” tab on the bottom left hand side of your event dashboard (n.b. you need to first create an event to see the dashboard) and follow the super easy procedure.

2012 is the year of measurement, so make sure you create different affiliate tiers for different categories that can help promoting your event. You’ll then be able to measure who has helped the most in selling tickets.

Work Out Your Pricing

The early bird has been the most adopted pricing tactic of event marketers for a few decades.

Eventbrite has been built in a way that really captures the power of adapting what they call “cascading ticketing”.

Now please head to the Eventbrite blog and have a good read at this amazing article that takes you through the process of setting up cascading tickets.

Making sure you sell tickets as soon as possible should be your number one priority and Eventbrite is your loyal ally.

In Conclusion

Despite Social Media having the hype, SEO, Affiliates and Sales Management could really give you the edge in selling your event tickets.

Eventbrite is a no brainer solution for all of the above, so give it a go now.