Use Eventbrite Like A Pro: Facebook Integration

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Last month we looked at integrating Eventbrite for better event marketing and reporting.

This month I’ll show you how you can integrate Eventbrite and Facebook to sell event tickets directly from your Facebook page.

Do You Have a Page?

A common misconception is that the biggest opportunities for event planners are Facebook Events. While the Events App was recently given a marketing makeover, the biggest event promotion opportunity on Facebook remains a Page.

There are a few reasons for this.

Think in terms of custom welcome tab and rich media integration, these reasons alone offer attendees a superior experience and raise the quality of your social media offering.

Selling Tickets through Facebook Pages, good idea?

Of course it is.

I cannot imagine any reason why you wouldn’t have a shop front selling tickets on your page. This is especially relevant if you decided to promote your page via Facebook Ads.

You’ll then be able to measure effectively how much you spent on promotion and how many tickets you sold through the page.

That sounds like a neat ROI measurement machine to me.

Eventbrite for Pages

I covered cool Facebook Page Applications for events and mentioned Eventbrite as a top solution for selling tickets on your Facebook Event Page. Now let’s have a more in-depth look at how to set it up and make the most out of it.

Firstly, set up an Eventbrite account. You can easily do that here. Eventbrite is free for free events that need registration and charges a small fee for paid for events.

Secondly, head to the AppBistro Eventbrite for Pages App page. Allow the app to connect to your page, enter your Eventbrite ID and Password and…….voila! You’re up and running.

It’s as easy as that…

Why Eventbrite for Pages?

Pretty much because they recently introduced some changes that make it my app of preference. Above all:

– Foreign language support
– Ability to manage multiple events by adding additional tabs

The latter is the most important feature you could want in a Facebook Event Page. In fact you may want to use your page as a permanent space for your attendees while adding more ticket selling each time you have the actual event running.

In Conclusion

The ease of use of Eventbrite for pages makes it a no brainer for those event planners who are looking to make Facebook their prime social media acquisition channel. Let me know how you get on…

P.S. Remember to check out Eventbrite’s most recent Social Media Guide: How to Increase Online Registrations” to learn more about using social media to grow your event.