Make Your Conference Mobile in Seconds with EventBoard

EventBoard is a service that creates a multi-platform mobile conference program for the benefit of attendees and organizers

I had a chat last week with Mike at EventBoard and he took me through what I think it’s a kick ass mobile conference programme maker.

We talked in the past about what makes a formidable event app and mentioned amazing in-conference mobile services such as Triqle’s “Whats’On?” or Twoppy. Enter a new player: Eventboard.

What is It?

EventBoard creates a mobile conference programme to help your attendees find relevant sessions, create their personal conference agenda and know what is happening next. All of the above through a very usable mobile interface.

How Does It Work?

Follow the steps here. To sum it up, just give them the data and they’ll organize it for you in a nifty way.

Why is it Cool?

Well, first of all it is available natively on iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7.

I also liked the fact that all conference data is cached after you first open it, allowing the app to function even with no internet connection. 75% of the event I’ve attended last year resulted in huge Wi-fi fail, hence why I love this feature.

You may also find that building a custom application that covers all devices would be time consuming, expensive and risky. EventBoard was built as a low cost and hassle free alternative platform that any conference can use.

What do Attendees get out of it?

I’ve tried EventBoard and I liked how you can quickly find interesting sessions with multiple filters (Tracks, Tags, Time, etc.) and text search capabilities.

The application is “time-aware” and your view of the data always has the most relevant information shown, so that you will always know what is happening next. Things in the past are “dimmed” so it is obvious they may no longer be of interest to you.

I also loved the social twist with the ability to read the event’s Twitter feed and various hashtag related tweets in the application.

Other highlights include floor plans and directions to the venue.

What do Organizers get out of it?

Organizers can create their own session feedback survey that attendees can fill out on their devices. This is one of the most overlooked phases of event planning and incredibly difficult to obtain from attendees. Results are immediately available to organizers and can be accessed through the EventBoard administration portal.

Sponsors can be listed in app, and optionally showcased on the landing page. You also have full control by sending custom push notifications to devices with the administration portal, or having the system send automatic notifications when session changes are detected.

Organizers can specify certain session types (Keynotes, Social Events etc.) to be automatically added to everyone’s agenda.

Why do You Need to Try it?

Because the first event is for FREE, so head over the EventBoard site and try it now!