Getting Event Registration Right in 2014

Event Registration is one of the most delicate event decisions. Here is a presentation to compliment The Good Event Registration Guide and help you nail registration for your event.

Event registration free ebook

Last year we launched The Good Event Registration Guide, a mammoth effort to make some sense out of the incredible mess of event registration platforms features and pricing.

While carrying the research we stumbled upon interesting findings and trends.

These were the basis for the presentation ‘Register Them Like a Pro’.

Here is the presentation.

Great Input for Event Planners

Each event is different. Keeping your priorities in mind is paramount.

Yet I believe it is important to understand the zeitgeist of registration requirements. Knowing what other event professionals value will give you an idea of the core functionality you should look for.

Moreover understanding the different pricing option will help to determine the optimal price point of your registration program. This is what I call the ‘Win Point’, the sweet spot with the correct mix of features at a reasonable price.

Spending less is not always a good strategy, specially for larger events with very specific needs. Alas spending more is not wise for smaller events that just need a solid registration solution.

Great Input for Startups

In the presentation I highlighted those essential features sought by event professionals but rarely offered in registration or ticketing platforms.

You’ve got some interesting data if you are thinking to offer technology for the event industry.

Know Your Trends

You know I care about structured trends. You also know how much I hate predictions.

After running an analysis of all registration platforms assessed, we highlighted some cool features recurring in forward thinking reg systems. We didn’t guess them.

While it is too soon to add these to core features as they still need to prove their value, I think they represent a good piece of information for those willing to try something different.

In Conclusion

2014 is the year when you will get your registration right. No more doubts, no more ‘I didn’t know’.

The Good Event Registration Guide and ‘Register Them Like a Pro‘ are two sources of information that you are free to use and share with your colleagues. I am sure they will thank you for that.