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Event Planning Template Bundle: 61 Templates for 2019

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Event planners have a lot on their plate. Knowing this, we pulled together our most useful free event planning templates, checklists, workflows, planning, and strategy cheat sheets to help you plan all elements of your event project.


If you are looking to save time and effort this bundle of 61 items will help you to run the best events possible, whilst not wasting time reinventing the wheel. From event proposals, to event budget templates, to event flyer design and corporate event planning checklists, we have you covered.


Whether you need help with event marketing, event planning, event technology implementation, meeting design or event sponsorship, we have the documents, spreadsheets, and tools you need to up your event planning game.


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Top 10 Event Planning Templates

Corporate Event Planning Checklist Template – for Public Events

Event Planning Venue Checklists

Event Budget Templates

Marketing Persona Templates

Event Presentation Slidedeck Template

Event Proposal Templates

Event Business Planning Template

Onsite Event Registration Best Practice Checklist

Sample Project Management Template for an Event App

Engagement Technology Checklists


Table of Contents

61 Free Templates, Checklists, Workflows, and Cheat Sheets for Event Planners

<strong>61 Free Templates</strong>, Checklists, Workflows, and Cheat Sheets for Event Planners


If there is one thing that will skyrocket your performance as an event manager, it is having the relevant event planning information sheet available exactly when you need it. Even the most seasoned event planner likes to have a starting point to ensure everything is on track and save some precious time or brain power.


This is why you must snag yourself a copy of our free event management templates bundle today. Here is what you will get access to.

Event Planning Templates

Event Planning<strong> Templates</strong>

Hundreds of tasks need to happen for an event to run smoothly. Although every event is different, having an event planning checklist to refer to can be an excellent starting point. Whether you are organizing a public or private event, these event management blueprints will be useful to have in your arsenal. Use the relevant event planning sheet template and adapt it to your needs to create your own special event planning template.


Corporate Event Planning Checklist Template: Public/External Events

This event planning document template is a guide for anyone planning events which are open to the general public and people outside of your organization to attend. This  includes:

User  events  and conferences
Product  launches
Focus  group
Exhibiting  – having a  booth at a trade  show
Trade  shows –  running a  public exhibition  or having exhibitors  present at
your  event
Corporate  hospitality  and client entertaining

Corporate Event Planning Checklist Template: Private/Internal Events

This event planning organizer template is a guide for anyone planning internal events which are only open to employees and those within the organization to attend. This  includes:

Company-wide  conferences
Internal Training
Sales  meetings
Product  reveals (before  the public official  launch)
Board  retreats
Team  building and  leadership retreats
Private  dinners, parties,  award ceremonies



Event Technology Templates: Registration and Event Management Software

<strong>Event Technology Templates</strong>: Registration and Event Management Software

There is a lot to think about with event technology. You want to be sure that you are making the best decisions and investing wisely in eventtech. Event registration technology and event management software is often the first software to be decided upon for your events. These documents are a wise place to start.


Registration and Event Management Software Checklist

This handy checklist outlines some of the questions you may want to ask a potential registration and event management software providers to assess their suitability before entering into any contract.



Onsite Event Registration Best Practice Checklist

The event registration desks are often the first face-to-face contact you have with your attendees. To make a good impression this PDF checklist outlines what you need to think about to offer a warm, smooth and fast welcome to your event.



Registration and Event Management Software Glossary

This quick reference guide lists common event management software and registration terminology and features.


Event Technology Templates: Event Apps

Event Technology Templates: <strong>Event Apps</strong>

Many events view event apps as an essential part of the delivery of the event. To ensure you choose wisely and get the best returns on your investment we have collated some of the best guidance, templates, and checklists for your easy reference.


Do You Need an Event App? Flowchart

If you are trying to decide if an event app is the right choice for your event, this flowchart will help you come to the best decision.



Event App RFP Sample Template

This template lays out the Request For Proposal information you should include when contacting event app providers for costs when selecting an event mobile app.



28 Questions to Answer Internally Before Progressing Your Event App Checklist

This list of 28 essential questions outlines the items that need to be discussed and agreed before progressing your event app.



40 Questions To Ask Event App Providers Checklist

A checklist of 40 essential questions to ask event app providers.



16 Questions To Ask Chatbot Providers Checklist

A checklist of questions to ask chatbot providers.



27 Specific Questions To Ask Your Event App Provider About Data and GDPR Compliance

A checklist of 27 questions you should be asking your event app provider about GDPR and data compliance.



Sample Project Management Template for an Event App

This sample event planning schedule template lays out the key milestones for implementing an event app. The event planning timeline template can be adapted and edited to meet your event specific deadlines.



Mobile App and Features Glossary

This quick reference glossary lists common event app terminology and features in a handy reference guide.


Event Engagement Templates

<strong>Event Engagement Templates</strong>

Increasing engagement at events is often one of the primary aims for event planners but it doesn’t happen by magic. Here are some helpful documents to increase event engagement and maximize interaction with the use of event technology.


Do You Need Live Interaction Technology for Your Event?

This flowchart works through whether you should implement live interaction and engagement technology for your event.



Process Mapping Exercise for Engagement and Interaction Technology

To get the most from your interaction technology this template outlines the process mapping approach to take to see the best results.



Ideas for How To Use Event Engagement Tools

Pre-event, during the live event and post-event we explore ideas for how to use different event engagement technology effectively.



Using Event Technology To Captivate Your Audience and Meet Your Objectives

This table lists some common event objectives and highlights the best technology tools to help achieve these aims.



Event Design Techniques with a Tech Twist

Guidance on how to take 14 popular low-tech meeting design formats, activities and tactics often used to increase participation and learning,  and add technology for a modern twist before, during, and after the event.



Engagement Technology Checklists

If you are considering using event engagement and interaction technology this handy guide offers checklists for each different type of technology so you can get the most out of the eventtech,



Event Engagement Glossary

This quick reference guide lists common event engagement technology, terminology and features.


Meeting Design Templates

<strong>Meeting Design Templates</strong>

Good meeting design makes the difference between hitting your event objectives or missing the mark. This framework and reference tables offer a quick reference guide and process to making a greater impact with your meeting design.


Event Design and Technology Table

This table helps to summarize and identify at a glance where event technology can fit within your event meeting design and how it can help you to deliver your specific event objectives.



Innovative Event Design Formats

This table lists different participatory formats and outlines the group size it is best suited to, and the reasons the techniques should be used to see the best results.



The Event Experience Framework

A six-step strategy framework every event planner should follow to elevate their events to experiences.


Event Venue Templates

<strong>Event Venue Templates</strong>

Whether you are in the initial stages of negotiating the rates with a venue or putting out Requests for Proposals, or whether you have already confirmed a venue and are making sure everything is checked and ready for your event, we have you covered with these checklists.


Venue RFP Checklist

This handy venue requirements checklist lists the key details you should include in an effective venue RFP (Request for Proposal), to enable comprehensive responses to be returned to you from venues. Before you issue your RFP, check all of these details are included to avoid inviting additional questions and to make sure venues have all of the information they need.



Strategy for Destination and Venue Negotiation Checklist

This quick reference checklist for event planners suggests different prompts and tactics to save money and negotiate more confidently with destinations and venues. Use this list to work through different costs and how to reduce or avoid them.



Destination and Venue Negotiation Checklist

This quick reference checklist for event planners suggests different prompts and tactics to save money and negotiate more confidently with destinations and venues. Use this list to work through different costs and how to reduce or avoid them.



Venue and Event Tech Negotiation Strategy Checklist

This checklist outlines how to use event technology to your advantage when negotiating with venues.



Event Planning Venue Checklist

This handy checklist lists important questions to ask the venue before signing the

contract. Make sure you refer to it at your next site visit, or before legal paperwork is signed.


Event Invitation and Flyer Design Templates

Event<strong> Invitation</strong> and<strong> Flyer Design</strong> Templates

To get the right people to your event, you need to inspire them to attend and share the right information with them so they can make an informed choice. Regardless of whether design is your strong point, this is a good place to start.


Event Invitation Template

This design template lays out the information needed for an event invitation. The file can be edited to add your event details and personalize the event invitation to your specific requirements.



The Perfect Event Invitation Template

This template sets out the ideal layout and information that should be included on event invitations in order to maximize positive responses.



Event Flyer Design Templates

Event flyers can be printed or sent electronically and are a traditional and useful way to notify people about your event. We have a choice of three editable event flyer design templates for you to choose from.


Event Marketing Templates

<strong>Event Marketing Templates</strong>

Marketing your event is critical to success and can be the difference between a sell-out event or an empty room. These documents will help you to perfect the marketing for your event.


Event Marketing Plan Template

A worksheet to determine your event marketing objectives, prompts and tactics to boost your event marketing success.



Persona Template

Use this template to develop personas, which represent your core event attendees and stakeholders. We recommend creating up to five personas, which should be continuously developed and refined with real event data.


Event Process Mapping Template

Process mapping can be a useful exercise to help to visualize the attendee or stakeholder journey and identify key elements and crossroads throughout different touchpoints. This process mapping worksheet can help to crystallize how to influence specific outcomes and develop the strategy behind what you want to achieve.



Event Social Media Templates

Event <strong>Social Media</strong> Templates

Having a robust social media strategy is a must for many modern events. Here are some essential checklists, forms, and templates to put you on the right track.


Social Media Event Marketing Strategy

This strategy document can be completed to determine your social media strategy and approach for each specific event project. Help your team review the content and strategy for different channels and ensure that all team members are working to the same objectives and social media plan.



Event Sponsorship Template

<strong>Event Sponsorship Template</strong>

Securing sponsorship is getting harder and you have one chance to get it right for your event. Make a good impression and brush up on your event sponsorship skills.


Event Sponsorship Checklist

This 10-step event sponsorship checklist outlines the essentials needed for a successful event sponsorship agreement to be agreed.


Event Budget Template

<strong>Event Budget Template</strong>

Having a close rein on your event budget will keep your event in shape or even help to determine the feasibility of an event project.


Event Budget Master Template

Instead of starting from scratch, let us give you a helping hand and financial starting point by using our budget template. Add figures against our budget headings and list financial income and expenditure items as required by your event. Alternatively, you can access our online event budget calculator tool.



Event Presentation Template

<strong>Event Presentation Template</strong>

Boring presentation slides and death by PowerPoint is not acceptable for engaging events and sessions. Modernize your event content with a visual slide deck and transform the way your event is presented.


Event Presentations / Slide Deck Template

This presentation sample slide deck is a great standalone modern design. Use the PowerPoint and Keynote slides as a starting point to create something that will reflect the brand of your event and the needs of your audience.



Event Proposal Templates

<strong>Event Proposal Templates</strong>

Make creating your next event proposal to win new business a breeze. These templates will keep you on the right path to develop your own proposal documents with a professional edge.


Event Proposal Checklist

Before you start writing your next event proposal, refer to this list to ensure you have all the bases covered.



Event Proposal Template

If you are ready to create an event proposal but prefer to work with a design-ready file, this document will be just what you are looking for. You can edit the text and content to create your own custom event proposal. No design skills or formatting required!



Secrets for a Winning Event Proposal

Walk through pro tips to improve your event proposals, for a better chance of success.


Event Resume Template

<strong>Event Resume Template</strong>

Get the job you want in event planning by developing an attention-grabbing CV with all the information potential employers needs to see.


Event Planner Resume and Cover Letter

Don’t forget any key information. Refer to this PDF document to ensure that your resume lists all the key information that future potential employers will want to see. Build the best possible CV to sell yourself and get the job you want.


Event Business Planning Template

Event <strong>Business Planning</strong> Template

Starting your own event planning business is not easy but you will get off to a solid start if you spend time planning and researching your new venture. If you are looking for investment from funders a comprehensive business plan will be essential.


Business Plan Template for Event Planners

Use this template to create a business plan for your new event management company and set out your vision and approach at the important early stages of your business.





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