Engaging Events: A Free Book for #Eventprofs

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Live interaction is the fastest growing technology in the event industry

Our latest book with previously unpublished research is finally out. Get your free copy of Engaging Events now!


It is that time of the year. The time when you give yourself a high five for being an avid EventMB reader. Over the past 3 years we’ve consistently brought you analysis, research, tips, strategy and tactics on the most popular technology verticals in the event industry; Mobile Apps, Registration and Social Media.

It is now time to bring you new groundbreaking research and a book on the fastest growing technology in the event industry, live interaction. This is why I am very proud to introduce you to Engaging Events: How to Use Live Interaction Technology to Create Successful, Memorable and Enduring Experiences. A free book for you to download with no contact details or email submission required.

90% of event professionals see engagement as a priority in 2015. This is what our research of over 1,000 event planners has revealed. This is also the main reason why Engaging Events matters.

The Fastest Growing Technology in the Event Industry

We keep a very close eye on what happens in event technology. We stay away from presenting something as ‘cool’ or the ‘next big thing’ without supporting data.

. We receive hundreds of startup submissions every year. We also actively research the market to spot new startups creating technology for events.

We keep a record of over 1,000 of them and their analysis is our Annual Trends Report. In the past two years over 30% of the tools we have recorded are about live interaction. This is without counting the fact that a lot of mobile event apps are now becoming live interaction tools, as show guides and networking are becoming commodities.

This trend is a rare occurrence for the industry. I’ve witnessed it previously only for registration and event apps.

With Great Popularity Comes Great Confusion

The same reason that motivated me to write the first Event App Bible in 2012 and The Good Event Registration Guide, inspired me to come up with this new research and report for engagement: the need for clarity.

With content marketing bringing very biased opinions disguised as valuable content, it is always a breath of fresh air when a piece of unpublished research and an unbiased write up comes along.

In Engaging Events we dissect 13 of the most popular types of technology to stimulate interaction and engagement. We offer tactics, tips and best practices to successfully roll out these tools at your event.

We also give you tips to challenge event suppliers and come up with strong RFP questions. We tell you about venue requirements, types of WiFi you need, what to take advantage and be aware of.

Once again we’ve got your back!

107 Pages of Practical Tips

If you work with events you have no time to waste. Engaging Events presents you with science backed data on why implementing an engagement program can make your events better.

It delves into the tools and gives you clear guidance in terms of what to do and how to do it, according to the life cycle of the event. Considering when to use a tool is one of the most frequently overlooked aspects of technology advice, usually geared to other industries.

The objective of the book is to make technology work for you as we are quite tired with the other way around. You want no surprises on the day of the event and we will guide you through the most popular types of technology so you can choose what is best for YOU. Educated decisions mean success and we believe Engaging Events is a terrific companion to achieve better engagement at events.

Thanks to the contributions of personalities such as Kevin Jackson, Becki Cross and Michelle Bruno, you will be in the safe hands of professionals who deal with hundreds of events every year.

In Conclusion

I believe that Engaging Events is the essential reading for this summer for all event professionals who want to better engage their attendees.

It is a free to download ebook, there is no risk in getting a copy. So grab yours now!