‘Dear Speaker I Loathe You’ – The Presentation

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Dear Speaker, I Loathe You. Sincerely, Your Event Planner

‘Dear Speaker, I Loathe You. Sincerely Your Event Planner’ become an overnight hit on Slideshare and HaikuDeck. Here it is, in case you missed it.

dear speaker i loathe you presentation

While I was writing this post about the speaker/event planner relationship, I had the idea to create a deck with the newly discovered HaikuDeck.

Little did I know that so many people shared the same view about the content of the presentation.

‘Dear Speaker, I Loathe You. Sincerely, Your Event Planner’ has been featured as presentation of the day on Slideshare and ‘most popular presentation of the week’, collecting 22,000 views in less than 3 days.

Here is the Slideshare version:


The HaikuDeck has also been featured in their ‘Most Popular Gallery’. More on HaikuDeck later this week.

I believe it is a great read for the weekend – enjoy it!