Check in Your Guests with CheckInEasy

In the past we’ve covered smart ways to check in your guests. Today I want you to know about a nice little tool called CheckInEasy.

CheckInEasy is an extremely easy-to-use guest list & event check-in iPad/iPhone app that was recently used by Google at their holiday party to check-in 2600 guests at the New York Public Library.

Apparently they were quite happy about it:

Why ChekInEasy?

Waiting in line is boring. Your attendees deserve a faster process. Paper guest lists make me feel dizzy.

Uploading a guest list and being ready for check-in takes less than 60 seconds. Therefore if you are running parties or social gathering you can’t really pass on CheckInEasy.

Checking them in is super simple, see the video:

What about Security?

When I spoke to Justin he really emphasised their attention to data security and protection:

First and foremost our company and servers use tight security protocols that are the Fort Knox of guest list apps. Our clients, including Google, Tory Burch and Experian Marketing Group are super sensitive about their lists and they trust CheckInEasy’s stable platform and servers.

Stability is also something I would be concerned with such a time sensitive process. Justin clarified that too:

When we checked in 2600 Google employees at their holiday party this past December, we had 11 iPads all signed in to the same event and they scanned over 200 guests a minute. No downtime or app freezes.

Maybe for small events but what about huge gatherings?

Think about it thoroughly if you run very complex registration processes, it may be too much of a simple solution.

Nonetheless ChekInEasy is addressing large conference organizers with what they call their “Boarding Pass” feature.

Organizers can upload their guest list and send attendees a “boarding pass” with a unique QR code that can be scanned at the door with their built-in scanner on an iPhone 4 or iPad 2. Kaboom.

In Conclusion

CheckInEasy comes at a price of $99 for the first 500 check-ins.

I would recommend to give it a go. Cool apps do not have to be free, in fact I trust I will get some support back for the money I spend. Boy, do we need support!

Give it a whirl and let me know what you think.