The Best Posts in April 2013 on @EventMB

Oh dear, what an April! I am flattered by the amount of visitors that decided to stop by. It means we are doing something good for the industry.

For those who missed out. Here is our monthly recap of the most shared and read post over the last 30 days.

The Best Posts in April 2013

1. 20+ Must Follow Pinterest Boards for Event Professionals

Incredible response to this post collecting some of the best Pinterest boards for event professionals. This post is on fire!

2. 10+ Fresh Ideas to Inspire a Successful Event Concept

A collection of the freshest ideas from around the World o inspire your event concept design.

3. Report: Generation X and Y Set to Transform the Event Industry

Fantastic report by Amsterdam RAI about how we should engage with Gen X and Y – a must read.

4. The Future of Real-Time Social Media Integration at Events

A sponsored post telling you how events will happen in the future. Awesome article.

5. Meet the Startups Rocking Event Tech Circus

7th of May is Event Tech Circus day. This post collects all the startups participating and a 30% discount on your ticket.

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