Meet the Startups Rocking Event Tech Circus

Event Tech Circus is a unique event for event professionals and startups happening the first week of May in Amsterdam. Here are the startups participating and your 30% discount code.

Event Tech Circus Amsterdam

The 7th of May I will be in Amsterdam witnessing a unique event putting together two of my biggest passions event planning and technology.

I announced we were going to support this pioneering event a while back. Since then several startups decided to join making this event a must attend if you are an event professional based in Europe.

I asked the startups participating to pitch themselves in 140 characters to give you a grasp of what they do.

The Event Startups You’ll Meet at Event Tech Circus

Our tech product, Meetings Mindset®, creates more effective meetings by helping attendees prepare for, perform at and produce from them

Elite Meetings
See which hotels other planners recommend for your next event and connect directly with this shortlist – for efficient results at no cost!

Start your own print business in minutes! Peecho connects you to a global network of print facilities, using cloud print technology.

Add social fizz to events with QR, checkins & comments, viewed live on a dynamic floorplan. Exhibitors get full stats to reinforce their ROI

Get smarter & leverage your great content. Reach millions of people, build your audience & get more attendees to your event. Get Conferize.

With twoppy you quickly create a mobile event app for your attendees. Simple, fully self-service and for free. Premium features available.

Meethub arranges face-to-face business meetings at events. Organisers can offer one-on-one matchmaking with zero effort.

RealLifeConnect provides a ready-to-use platform as a service using the power of NFC for conference, exhibition and concert organizers

Preseria Conference is a complete presentation management system targeted at event organizers and large conferences

SlideDog is best suited for individual presenters or small events/meetings.

Speakerscore is the easiest audience feedback tool, you have ever found on the internet

EventProf? Get Your 30% Discount

Eventprofs from all over Europe attending the event will get to vote for the best startup who will win €1,000 in prize.

Each delegate will have a chance to play with the startup product and gain insight into the latest technology available on the market.

The event is also a unique education opportunity – have a look at the Programme.

As media partners we are happy to give you a 30% discount code, just add the promo code on the registration page.

See You in Amsterdam

Event Tech Circus is the first attempt to recognize a growing ecosystem of event startups. It is an event that needs your support and participation.

Therefore, no excuses! See you in Amsterdam.