Apple Bans (Social) Media at WWDC. Thoughts?

Apple is hosting their developer conference next week where any form of picture taking, live blogging or video recording is prohibited.

While Apple took a different approach for at least this event, when it comes to developers the Cupertino based company becomes quite strict.

There are events like WordCamp, an unconference style series of events for the WordPress community. They are all about sharing presentations and discussions.

And then there is WWDC. The most important event for the Apple development community. On the event website’s FAQs, Apple is clearly mentioning breaching the “Apple Developer Program agreement(s)” if any video or pics are taken and/or live blogging is performed.

What’s Your Take?

It’s increasingly apparent that there are two very different perspectives when it gets to social media and events.

Some events are inclusive other are exclusive.

Where do you stand?