25 #Eventtech Startups To Watch This Summer

Once again I am happy to present you with some of the most innovative startups creating exciting solutions for the event industry. We are living in the new era of eventtech – investors and event professionals are excited, are you?

We have been featuring the up and coming startups for a few years now. Nobody used the wording ‘event startups’ before we did. We are close to founders and developers and we give them a chance to be showcased to you, dear readers, once every three months.

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How Do we Collect The Eventtech Startups?

They submit their pitch here and we select only those that haven’t been covered by other media outlets and/or offer an innovative or solid business proposition.

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Check Out These Amazing Startups

1. Radario


Radario is an analytics, CRM, and marketing platform all-in-one. Simply connect Radario to your ticketing platform to gain deep attendee insight and put it to good use right away with marketing automation features such as newsletters and Facebook integration.

2. SponsorShipped

SponsorShipped startup

SponsorShipped is a platform for sponsors, speakers and attendees to find events based on their personal or business needs. Hoping to get ROI from events isn’t enough, it should be expected and SponsorShipped will help with the decisions to make it so.

3. Evntfully

evntfully startup

Whatever the size of an event, there is always a lot of information to grapple with. Evntfully is like a digital filing cabinet for every detail of every event, presented in a way that is not only easily retrieved but actionable too.

4. Scanalytics

scanalytics startup

Scanalytics’ smart floors can track and analyze 100% of foot traffic at events without being intrusive. Measure dwell times, locate bottlenecks and more without missing a single step.

5. Candy Mechanics

candy mechanics startup

With Candy Mechanics, eventprofs can offer attendees sweet treats with a difference. Delight attendees with 3D printed chocolate lollipops based on a scan of their head. It won’t give you the moon on a stick but it’s pretty close.

6. Klik

klik startup

Klik is an engagement platform which uses smart wearables to help attendees make the most of the event by cutting down on screen time. Klik’s unique new clickable badge is the new “Like” button for all aspects of your event.

7. Ticketshare

ticketshare startup

Ticketshare is a mobile app for storing and sharing event tickets with friends. At the time of writing, Ticketshare is still in beta but it’s well worth having on your radar right now.

8. Goombal

goombal startup

Imagine if all those spreadsheets, purchase orders, Gantt charts and event data could be found in one place. Goombal makes resource management, project management and all the paperwork that goes with them easy.

9. Event WeatherPlan

event weatherplan startup

Bad weather can ruin events if you’re not prepared for it. Event WeatherPlan is like having a digital meteorologist on-site at all times.

10. startup

Data breaches and malicious hacking is on the rise and it is affecting events. Don’t let them win. With, you can safeguard your attendee and event data and get on with running the event.

11. Bottr

bottr startup

Bottr is an AI chat bot that can be deployed anywhere with a simple link. Connect Bottr to your social channels to help it learn and your bot will be up and running in minutes.

12. Volara

volara startup

Volara brings specialist hospitality services to Amazon’s Echo Dot platform for a multitude of venues, ranging from boutique hotels to cruise ships. Who wouldn’t want their own personal digital valet?

13. TimeLord

timelord startup

TimeLord gives event planners absolute control over all of their event resources. Not only will TimeLord prevent double bookings, it also helps looks after your finances and delivers reporting to help you keep that bottom line on track.

14. EventOPS

eventops startup

It’s the stuff that happens behind the scenes which makes all the difference to events. EventOPS is all about making sure all those processes are streamlined and as easy to manage as possible.

15. Incontacto

incontacto startup

Incontacto is an event management suite featuring ticketing, access control for attendees, outbound messaging and more. It even has built-in features for accreditation.

16. EventCombo


EventCombo wants to help eventprofs rock their events by providing an integrated ticketing and event listing platform with a range of marketing tools to get the message out. Oh, and if your event is free, so is the platform!

17. Doo

doo startup

Doo is an event management suite featuring an event mobile app, registration, and marketing functionality. With Doo, data is at the core of everything you do, so you need never make a bad decision again.

18. Mixtroz

mixtroz startup

Mixtroz is an attendee matching app for iPhone and Android smartphones. With Mixtroz, people are matched by intention and in case conversation doesn’t start flowing right away, the app contains icebreakers to help get things going.

19. Hubb

hubb startup

Hubb takes event content management out of its natural silos and puts it into an easy to manage, consolidated interface. With that, you can also manage exhibitors and sponsors and accept abstract submissions from speakers too.

20. Swapcard

swapcard startup

Swapcard is what happens when event mobile apps meet artificial intelligence. Attendees can use the app’s intelligent attendee matching at multiple events. Being AI-powered means it learns and gets better each time you use it.

21. Sympla

sympla startup

Sympla is an event management platform, ticketing system and listing site in one featuring real-time data and analytics. Sympla’s event thermometer can even give you information about your event before it happens!

22. OK Play

ok play startup

OK Play can help you build and grow your events team by using smart data and AI algorithms to help you make the right decisions.

23. Zumata

zumata startup

It’s not just event teams and their attendees that are getting smart with AI, venues can also leverage the power of AI to help deliver a more personal service. Zumata’s Intelligent Travel Agent API is one such technology.

24. bThere

bthere startup

bThere adds another dimension to 360-degree video by adding an interactive augmented reality element. It’s mixed reality made easy. bThere is a perfect for showcasing venues and destinations.

25. Pheedloop

pheedloop startup

Pheedloop is a complete event management suite including ticketing, schedule and speaker management as well as a fully brandable event website and mobile app.

In Conclusion

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