10 Infographics to Plan Your Next Event

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Event infographics

No secret we love infographics. Do you know what we love even more? . Here are 10 infographics to turbo charge your event.

10 event infographics

There is something incredibly right about infographics. The delicate mix of data and visuals delivers immediate learning. Much more effectively and quickly than thousands words.

So I went into the Interweb wild and searched for some cool infographics that could actually deliver some value to different types of event professionals.

I’ll cut it short, here they are…

The Many Faces of the Business Conference Attendee

This is a very funny one from the guys at Mindflash.

I can definitely see myself in one of them, I will let you guess which.

(Click to Enlarge)

Manyfaces attendees

Sustainable Catering for a Better Tomorrow

Fantastic idea from University of California, Davis to come up with this checklist to make your event catering greener. A great reference to run with your suppliers, venue and team.

Sustainable catering infographic

One Event. Lasting SEO Value.

Understanding SEO and the impact it carries on the success of your event is crucial. BKV had the great idea to sum up all the SEO implications of events.

Seo event marketing advertising roi infographic full

How Technology is Changing Events

This is the first of our very own infographics. It has become an instant classic for the industry.

How to Build an Event Budget

This is a very needed one for most of us. I am not going to reinforce the importance of budgeting as I am sure you live by that credo. Courtesy of Planning Pod.

INFOGRAPHIC How To Build Event Budget

The Roadmap to A Successful Event

This is a good one with all the basics taken care of. As we are talking about the bare minimum you expect in events, it may sound trivial to some. Definitely a must read for beginners. Thanks to Kapow Events.

KPW Event Anatomy Infographic Final thumb

Event Fundraising: Why People Participate

I was amazed by reading the stats on this visual. I am always amazed by what motivates people to donate. Thanks to Event 360 for that.

Event fundraiser infographic

10 Tips for Organizing Green Events

This infographic by Weemss share ten useful tips to green your events. Love it.

Organize green events

How To Plan a Weather Ready Outdoor Wedding

This is a hidden gem of an infographic. While it carries some stats for weddings there are plenty information applicable to all types of events. Well done BigDayWeather.


The Anatomy of An Effective Event Website

Dulcis in fund I could not leave out a supercool infographic from your pal at Event Manager Blog. I know it is very fresh but I am equally sure some of you may have missed it.

If you can’t see it, click here

In Conclusion

It’s very rainy where I am, I hope this article gave you some lightweight inspiration which is so needed on rainy days.

I’d be thankful if you could