Linkedin Group – What’s Hot – Week 16/08/2009

This post is by Anne Thornley-Brown, she is the Linkedin Event Planning & Management Group Manager. Her company Executive Oasis International specializes in team building and incentive travel.

Member of the Week: August 16 – 21, 2009 Chad Rothschild MBA, Marketing & Branding Expert, Author, Speaker
August 9 – 15, 2009 John Gibb, Marketing Executive, Greater New York CIty
New Members: 100+
Newest Member: Alice Sydow, Freelance Travel & Event Manager, Promotional Model, & Stylist, Volare Events
New discussions: 23
New news articles: 8
Most active thread of the Week: Conference Online Registration Site. Does anyone know of a company offering a similar service to ‘Survey Monkey’ for simple online conference registration? – 12 Comments (Posted by Rosanna Spataro)

Hot Topics:
Experience vs. Education Importance of – 11 comments (Posted by Danielle Mackie,)
This recession has been so hard on so many in this industry. Do we need to start exploring brand new ways to work in event planning in the future? – 7 comments (Posted by Rennette Grace)
40 Year-Old Intern – interesting story – 7 comments (Posted by Sari Lawson)

Breaking Topics:
Recession Job-Search Do’s and Don’ts (Posted by Sari Lawson)
What impact are corporate procurement processes having on your business? Are they helping it or killing it? (Posted by Andy Johnston)

Latest News Stories:
Are You Memorable? (Posted by Chad Rothschild)
Business Travel Curbs May Be Permanent – Limousine, Charter & Tour (Posted by Bert Dupuis)
Conference production in the age of social media (Posted by Simon Conyers)

Jobs Postings: 8 job postings. Locations: Include New York, London, Minneapolis, Australia, Lansdale, Pennsylvania, and Doha (Qatar).