Linkedin Group – What’s Hot – Week 02/08/2009

This post is by Anne Thornley-Brown, she is the Linkedin Event Planning & Management Group Manager and President, Executive Oasis International, team building and incentive travel specialists.

With over 10,000 members from all over the world, Event Planning and Management is one of the fastest growing groups on Linkedin. The group is designed to promote discussion, sharing of ideas & networking by professionals in all areas of the event planning industry. The group provides an opportunity for members to:

– Share their experience and best practices
– Ask questions
– Ask for opinions
– Post job offers
– Share and discuss articles and news stories
– Discuss current trends in the event planning industry
– Anyone involved in event planning or interested in an event planning career is welcome.

So What’s New?

Member of the Week: Mr. MW Savant, CEO of™
New Members: 100+
Newest Member: Gloria Lombardo , National Account Manager at The Pohly Company
New discussions: 71
New news articles: 18
Most active thread of the Week: ·What responsibility do event planners have to provide healthy food and beverage menu options at events? – 23 Comments (Posted by Anne Thornley-Brown)

Hot Topics:
This has been a very busy week with active participation from some members we don’t hear from often. We’ve woven a theme about catering for events and explored a range of related topics including:

Services that Pick up Leftovers After Events and Distribute Them to Shelters and the Homeless – 14 comments  (Issue was raised by MW Savant)
Meals, Refreshments and Menu Options for Event Staff – 15 comments (Issue was raised by Richard Hughes)

Other active topics include:
Can any one suggest what kind of events I can organize in and around the airport? – 13 comments (Posted by Roohi Arshad)

Breaking Topics:
Would you pay for a Standing ticket on a flight? (Posted by Tarun Marwah)
How To Accident-Proof Your Event (Posted by Jeff Cason)

Latest News Stories:
– Social Media; Event Marketing Part IV: Video, Pictures, Presentations (posted by John Gibb as part of an excellent series that he has been presenting)
– Are You Maximizing Linkedin Groups? (Posted by Chad Rothschild)
– When Will the Meetings Market Turn? (from PlannerWire)

Jobs Postings: 9 job postings. Locations: include New York, Miami, London, Las Vegas and India

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