Event Management

University degrees and online courses in Event Management

As said before, I am working on starting my event planning business. As I am still in the get-all-the-info-you-can phase, I bumped into a lot of people suggesting that being an event planner means being continuously updated with trends and practices.

Such need is in fact understandable as events require skills from fairly different areas. In my previous post I was considering to focus on what I can do best and outsource all the rest to someone more expert than I am.

Ok, it is a good point and I still believe in that, but on the other hand, clients expect a wide competence in event managers and being unaware of what budgeting is might be a downfall.

So at some stage I am sure I will consider engaging in a university degree. As a matter of fact, I did my BA and MBA and I feel pretty sick just looking at a uni book and my overall motivation toward the course might be at the lowest.

Thank God we have that thing called the Internet and I thought about Online courses. Online courses in fact might be a great solution for the ridiculously busy life of an event planner. You can find quality education when and where you want.

Should I fell in love with a subject, I could commit on a more serious online degree. But I reckon the online feature is what motivates more toward education. I am sure that everyone engaged in events shares with me the thought that there is never enough time, no matter how organised you are. Nonetheless, in events you’d want to be ahead of the game and competitive.

Online education seems to offers a clear solution to such chronic lack of time while still delivering on quality requirements.

I’d be very interested to hear some experience and maybe review of good options everywhere in the world as this blog is read from Malaysia to Canada, so just write me or comment if you feel you can contribute.