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Tips on corporate events in Paris

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1. What cultural characteristics should one consider when planning an event in Paris?

This new section of the blog asks questions to corporate event managers of the most famous cities of the World. The aim is to have a scenario of different trends, opportunities and risks the global event manager should take into account.

We’ll start out with one of my favorite, Paris.

Olivier Magny is the founder and owner of O Chateau in Paris. O Chateau is the pioneer Wine Tasting Company in Paris. The staff at O Chateau is fully dedicated to delivering entertaining ad educational wine tasting events to both individuals and corporations. Wine Tasting Presentations, Wine Games, Wine Casinos, Wine Classes, in a Parisian loft, at a Parisian restaurant, in a medieval castle, on a boat on the Seine, in a secret cellar, on a vineyard in Provence or at a Chateau in Bordeaux … O Chateau does it all, making wine more exciting than ever.

More details on O Chateau’s website: www.o-chateau.com

The main thing to take into account is that you are dealing with French people!!

With their own views and ways of thinking and reacting to such or such situation.

For that, I believe it’s best to have a French person on the front raw. Someone able to deal with the French!

2. What are the major opportunities of hosting a corporate event in Paris?

Paris is the leading city in the world for corporate events for many reasons. It has so much to offer for and after work: wonderful restaurants, incredible scenery, stunning culture, amazing venues…

But it is also a very well equipped city, well connected with efficient public transportation system and a great variety of hotels and activities.

On top of this, Paris is very central a destination for people from all around the world. It is also always a tempting one: who refuses to go to Paris?

3. What barriers could one face when planning a corporate event in Paris?

For really large events, you have to deal with French authorities. And trust me… you don’t want to have to do this.

For most events though, the main constraint is budget. Anything is possible in Paris but prices rise quite rapidly!

4. What special logistics considerations would you suggest to take into account?

Traffic in Paris is terrible. It is a necessity taking this into account. That means finding the best venues, close to one another and the best times of day for transfers…

5. Three attributes one should have to plan successfully in Paris.

Ability to listen and to understand: Both your clients and your suppliers.

Attention to details: Before the event and during the event.

Experience: Knowing the most adapted format to offer your clients is the best way to guarantee a successful event.

6. The day of the event your survival kit should definitely include.

A cell phone with a battery fully charged, all contact info for all guests, clients and suppliers, back up numbers for changes in plans (transfer companies, clubs…).

Also, an extra shirt & tie.

And for our specific business: extra corkscrews, wine maps, aprons (and a couple of good bottles to offer our clients)!

7. What’s the latest trend in corporate events in Paris?

Catering companies love these little