The Secret to Giving Attendees a Complete Destination Experience

The High Roller wheel visible in the Las Vegas skyline at sunset.

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If attendees are going to take on the challenges of traveling to your next event, they’re going to want to see more than the inside of the conference venue. Find out how the “one contract, one contact” model can simplify your planning process and help every member of your audience maximize their time on the ground.

As we enter a new year, event planners are stuck trying to make sense of two competing impulses. Professionals everywhere are eager to reconnect in person and make the most of business travel, but at the same time, many are reluctant to make the trip. With travel chaos and higher flight costs, hopping on a plane now seems like a much bigger hurdle than in pre-pandemic times. In fact, the most recent survey of airline passengers from J.D. Power revealed a steep drop in customer satisfaction — a signal that event organizers are going to feel even more pressure to turn those subpar trips into worthwhile experiences that reignite a sense of FOMO. That means raising the bar by inviting attendees to embark on a full exploration of your destination, all while creating space for meaningful networking and team building.

Fueling that kind of exploration can feel like a daunting task for already-overworked event organizers, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If you’re concerned about navigating a maze of emails and phone calls from different venues with different price structures, one strategy is to find a venue partner that can cover all your bases in one go. As a prime example, Caesars Entertainment aims to create a seamless process with the company’s “one contract, one contact” business model. Because Caesars has a diverse array of venues under its umbrella, the company can cover all your needs with one contract — and one contact to guide the entire selection process.

Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.

There’s no better place to get a sense of how this simplified approach can make a meaningful difference than in Las Vegas, where more than 150,000 hotel rooms and more 10.5 million square feet of meeting space can create a paradox of choice for planning an event: With so many options, where should you take your attendees to deliver serious ROI for their time? Leave it to your one contact to connect all the dots, tap into a range of unique venues, and deliver an experience that makes attendees forget that they even spent any time in the middle seat in row 29.

1. Encompass the Full Spectrum of Entertainment and Dining Options

When attendees leave home-cooked meals and the binge-watching comfort of the couch, they’re going to want award-winning opportunities to taste, see and hear what sets the destination apart. The menu of options in Las Vegas can feel very long, but the one contract, one contact model can put together a perfect prix-fixe plate of culinary and entertainment delights.

Tastes for the Foodies: From stepping on the set of Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen to stepping into a scene that could be on the streets of Shanghai at Beijing Noodle No. 9, the Caesars Entertainment portfolio encompasses over 100 Vegas dining establishments, including celebrity-chef-powered restaurants like The Bedford by Martha Stewart, tucked-away corners like The Count Room at the Flamingo, authentic Teppan tables at the Nobu, and more.

Martha Stewart stands holding out a roast chicken in front of a kitchen with multiple copper pans and pots on display at the Bedford restaurant in Las Vegas.
Martha Stewart at The Bedford in Las Vegas.

Tickets to the Big Stage: Garth Brooks, Adele, Sting, Jerry Seinfeld, and Rod Stewart — take one look at the list of artists in residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, and it’s no wonder why Billboard has named it the top live entertainment venue. However, this city delivers a lot more than the names you’ll instantly recognize. Invite your attendees to Absinthe for a carnivalesque show in an adult playground of acrobatics, laughs, and wild fun.

The Colosseum, Las Vegas. Image credit: Erik Kabik Photography.

2. Connect Attendees to the History and Landscape of Your Destination

Attendees want more than tangible takeaways from an education session and a list of follow-ups with potential new business partners. They’re also looking for photos and memories to share with their friends, family, and social networks — even on LinkedIn. With that in mind, it’s essential to work with a partner who can help curate an itinerary that introduces attendees to the underground sections of town, lesser-known stories, and off-the-beaten-path destinations. While Vegas might be known for its casinos, the Caesars Entertainment team recommends these three spots away from The Strip as a sure bet to boost any program.

The Mob Museum: The .38 Special owned by the undercover federal agent who helped bring down Al Capone, recordings of the wiretaps that took down John Gotti, evidence from the crime scene of the 1929 St. Valentine’s Day massacre and more — The Mob Museum in downtown Vegas is the place to discover the world of underground crime. Attendees will do more than hear about that underground world, too; they’ll be part of it in a Prohibition-era speakeasy that reignites the thrill of toasting criminally good craft cocktails.

The Neon Museum: Las Vegas is known for its dazzling signage lighting up the street scene and beckoning bypassers, as it has been since its earliest days as a burgeoning entertainment center. What better place to take a nostalgia trip back to the classic signage of the Rat Pack era and earlier? In the Neon Museum’s Boneyard, that past comes back to life each evening at sunset when more than 250 signs are illuminated. Throughout the outdoor museum, a history of the last 100 years of sign design creates an Instagrammer’s paradise beneath the desert sky.

Red Rock Canyon Park: Vegas might be known for its man-made wonders, but Red Rock Canyon Park serves as a reminder of the natural beauty that defines this area. Just 12 miles from the Strip, the park’s network of hiking and biking trails offer loads of options to trade glitz and glamor for down to earth team-building activities. And if an adventure trek isn’t the right speed for your small group, your Caesars contact can help you arrange a different kind of canyon experience with a VIP helicopter tour.

Red Rock Canyon Park, Nevada. Image credit: Daniel Halseth.

3. Add Elements of Interactivity and Play Into the Agenda

The ultimate attendee experience is about more than networking and learning. No matter where you’re hosting your next event, make sure you’re taking steps to help your audience feel less like formal professionals doing business and more like friends having fun. Research even suggests that play can boost creativity and productivity, so it’s crucial to work with a partner that can help you secure the best places to motivate and re-energize your crowd. Consider any one of the following options.

Nightlife at Drai’s and Omnia: What’s a trip to Las Vegas without a night on the town? The Drai’s Beachclub and Nightclub features performances by top hip-hop artists and a rooftop complete with pools, palm trees, and a breathtaking view of the Las Vegas skyline. Omnia, spanning a massive 75,000 square feet, is world famous for its kinetic chandelier with eight LED rings that shift and rotate above the crowd. Treat your attendees to VIP tables with bottle service, or rent out the entire venue for a blowout bash.

Fly Linq Zipline: Give “sightseeing” a new meaning with a 35 miles-per-hour, 1,121-feet-above-the-ground tour of the Strip: the Linq Zipline, part of the Caesars Entertainment portfolio. It’s play — with a heart-pounding dose of adrenaline.

Las Vegas skyline over the Strip at dusk.

High Roller: If open-air heights are a bit too electrifying for your group, head to the High Roller, yet another Caesars Entertainment offering. The largest observation wheel in North America offers the same kind of awe-inspiring views but in the comfort of an enclosed space. Plus, you can host a new kind of happy hour in a 30-minute ride with an open bar that can accommodate up to 25 guests per cabin. Since the ride includes 32 cabins in total, up to 700 reception guests could scale the skies with a full buy-out. Cheers!

The Brooklyn Bowl: Sometimes, the group just needs a little entertainment or a chance to kick back with a classic group activity, and Brooklyn Bowl delivers both. With a live music stage, six bars, 32 bowling lanes, trendy decor, and a taste of New York’s legendary Blue Ribbon fried chicken, the concert venue is the perfect setting for a closing or opening party. It is available for a full buy-out and accommodates up to 3,000 guests. Its mix of live music and bowling also make it an ideal setting for casual team-building activities. One added bonus of bowling is its reputation as a low-pressure sport accessible to all skill levels. Further, it combines the inclusivity of individual turn-taking with the option to form teams. No matter what your group’s level of experience on the lanes is, this is a sure-fire strike.

An overhead view of the live music stage and dance hall at the Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas, with bowling lanes visible on the left-hand side.
The Brooklyn Bowl, Las Vegas.

One Contract, One Contact — One Ultimate Attendee Experience

In-person experiences are coming back in a big way. The latest American Express Global Meetings and Events Forecast points to bigger spend — 3 percent more per attendee for conferences and trade shows — in 2023. As organizations invest more in bringing people back together, these events need to do more than educate and connect. They need to surprise, delight and inspire every individual who makes the decision to attend. It’s a tall order, and the one contract, one contact approach is the ingredient to deliver the recipe for success in the new generation of face-to-face gatherings.

To learn more about the Caesars Entertainment venues in Las Vegas and connect with one of the company’s event experts, go to the Caesars Entertainment website.

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