The Most Read Skift Meetings Articles of 2023

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Dull moments in the events industry were few and far between in 2023 with a news cycle that kept meetings professionals on their toes. We’ve rounded up the top articles published by Skift Meetings over the last year.

The meetings and events industry witnessed 2023 headlines that were thought-provoking and reflective of an era of constant flux and innovation. Here are the top ten articles from 2023.

Travel Boycotts

While several states and organizations scaled back travel boycotts in 2023, Florida continues to grapple with large conferences steering clear and conventions pulling out of the Sunshine State due to its political climate and controversial laws. 


The term disruptive technology echoes in the AI frenzy and the event industry’s rush to embrace it. Introducing new technology isn’t free of potentially harmful applications carried out by bad actors. In one instance, an event organizer was found to be using AI to generate fake female speakers to create the illusion of diversity. 


Diversity, equity, and inclusion was a frequently discussed topic in 2023, with many companies and organizations making strides to incorporate the concept into their business models. This was apparent with the third acquisition of a female-led company by the trade show organizer, Emerald, in just one year. Lodgestone Events, which produces a series of vehicle-based, adventure travel consumer shows known as Overland Expo, was purchased by Emerald. 

Accessibility for All

Meanwhile, at PCMA’s EduCon in Montreal in June, an attempt to raise awareness for attendees living with disabilities through a disability simulation exercise garnered negative attention. Some thought our reporting trivialized a serious topic. A follow-up article outlining objections grabbed the attention of a large audience as it pointed to the flaws of the concept. 

Industry Shakeup

The industry saw several major shakeups in 2023, including the multi-billion dollar acquisition of Cvent by Blackstone. The transaction, which yielded $8.50 per share for Cvent stockholders following the rejection of a previous offer made for $8 per share, will make the SaaS event platform a privately-held company once again. 

News of the acquisition followed speculation that Cvent was searching for a buyer, highlighting the move of event tech companies to rightsize following pandemic highs. 

Another notable 2023 acquisition was the sale of Hopin’s Events and Session product to RingCentral for $15 million, according to an SEC filing. The sale of the product for pennies on the dollar follows Hopin’s 2021 valuation of $7.75 billion. 

Top Convention Centers

Convention centers can make or break an event. An article ranking the top 30 convention centers across the U.S., with the Las Vegas Convention Center taking the top spot, resonated with Skift Meetings readers.

Advocating for DEI 

Accessibility Advocates Oppose Disability Simulations

Emerald Acquires Third Female-Led Company in the Past Year

Florida Travel Ban Woes 

Florida Feels the Pinch as Conventions Pull Out

More Conventions Are Steering Clear of Florida

Tracking Sales and Acquisitions 

Hopin Events and Session Products Sold for $15 Million

Cvent to Be Acquired by Blackstone in $4.6 Billion Deal

Cvent Said to Be Exploring a Sale

AI for Good or Ill?

How Event Tech is Embracing AI

Tech Conference Accused of Creating Fake Women Speakers

Top Event Venues 

Top 30 Convention Centers Ranked: Vegas Takes Top Spot

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