The Good Event Registration Guide is Out [Free Report]

The Good Event Registration Guide is a must have for those eventprofs looking to change or select their registration provider. Through the years it has been downloaded over 30,000 times.

It provides clarity in one of the most fragmented and confused markets of event technology.

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So What’s New in Event Registration?

We asked over 600 event planners to describe (no multiple choice questions) their frustrations and needs. I was shocked to read the answers:

  • Lack of integration. The wide majority of solutions say they integrate but do a very poor job. Event planners are outraged by the under-delivery.
  • Lack of accurate reporting. Event professionals unanimously condemned how in most cases the lack of meaningful reporting is preventing them from taking their event to the next level.
  • Awful user experience. How do you connect the needs of tech-savvy users with older generations? Few systems seem to have nailed this important requirement of modern registration platforms.
  • Pricing all over the place. This is probably the most important aspect of the guide. As many event professionals are upset by misleading pricing, this guide will be extra handy. From this edition, you will be able to compare all the tools online.

CMP Credits

From this year you will be able to claim 2 CMP credits from reading the guide. Just proceed to our dedicated portal from the download email in your Inbox.

We are super proud to support continuing education in the event industry.

Grab Your Copy

Thanks to the incredible team at Event Manager Blog for shipping yet again an incredibly useful report. Thanks to the sponsors for making it possible and all the companies that submitted their information to the guide.

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