Meet the Finalists of TechWatch

I am very excited to announce the finalists of the ibtm and EventMB Tech and Innovation Watch 2016. I’ve been lucky to work alongside THE greatest leader in event technology, Corbin Ball and an incredible panel of judges to find innovative tech solutions for the event industry.

After judging over 60 entries and hours of discussion with my fellow judges, we identified the top 10 finalists.

What’s in it for you?

  • Learn about some of the coolest eventtech companies on the block. Go on and visit their websites, ask for demos, ask them questions, challenge them. The voting has not been an easy process. These are some of the best of the best and most innovative ideas with solid business potential. Check them out, your event will benefit from it.
  • You get to come to Barcelona and see them live. You still have time to apply as a hosted buyer and see the startups battle in the Innovation Zone, a special area where EventMB and ibtm will offer some of the best content for events (more on that later) and display innovation in the event industry.

The Final 10

In alphabetical order:




Bizzabo multi event networking app is a free platform that enables you to mobilize (and socialize) your event in less than 5 minutes. Event organizers add and control their event through an intuitive and easy to use ‘Organizer Dashboard’. The dashboard enables organizers to instantly update all necessary information – venue, location, full agenda with speaker bios, and a lot more.

Cadmium CD


CadmiumCD’s eventScribe app was originally designed for educational conferences and meetings as a schedule, note-taking, and slide sharing app, but has grown to become a full conference app with nearly everything event organizers need to deliver exceptional experiences to attendees. The app also included the ability to deliver sponsorship items through virtual grab bags, banner ads, exhibition floor scavenger hunts that connect with live leaderboards on digital displays, and color coded floor plans with displayed logos and badges.



This cloud-based event project management application has strong Google app integration with links to contacts, calendar, Google Drive and more. Collaborators can be placed in circles allowing permissions to share documents, manage tasks, chat, emails and track time.



The EventGeek website and app enables teams to collaborate and manage event logistics, including venues, vendors, printing, shipping, travel and budgets. It also plugs into the channels (such as Twitter and Salesforce) to measure ROI and boosting team productivity. Among the features are integration with Slack, Hubspot, Eventbrite, GoToMeetings, Expensify, Salesforce, Zapier, Mailchimp, Google Drive, social channels and more.

Fly Another Day


This calendar-based international booking recommendation engine allows the user to search where and when to hold an event so that it doesn’t clash with holidays, festivals, sporting events, tradeshows, strikes or elections. It is a simple idea, but one that is novel and could be a significant help to event planners.

Green Hat People


This platform is used to create gamified workshops, business games and serious play for meetings and events. It brings active listening and two-way communication to corporate meetings in a highly engaging way and is used to activate meeting participants before, during and after events.



This event app combines natural language processing, advanced algorithms and deep neural networks to “match” people at events. In addition, other event applications and registration providers can integrate with the Grip AI engine to make it easier to meet the right people at the right time and place.



This fully mobilized destination management, group check-in and event communication system fills a helpful niche for many corporate events.



Shoflo allows event planners and production teams to create production run sheets, product schedules, lists and docs in real-time from a central, mobilized application with the changes appearing on all devices. Shoflo is the first end-to-end management software focused on the producing and technical planning of an event, where projects can be easily created and managed and changes can be tracked.



Visionteractive produces social media-triggered smart devices including photo booths and vending machines to help event organizers engage attendees and broaden the event social media footprint. It can help customers with brand recognition, increase visibility in digital media and maximize experiential marketing, event marketing and
social media efforts to turn data into a fun, measurable experience.

In Conclusion

We can’t wait to see you in Barcelona. If you plan events, apply to be a hosted buyer and be hosted to touch, hear and feel eventtech innovation, for the first time in partnership with EventMB.