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30 of the Most Stunning Table Centerpieces

Table centerpieces are an essential part of your event décor, especially for guests at sit down dinners. It is important to cater your ideas to the space and shape of the table you have available. Even if you are working on compact tables you shouldn’t feel limited by a lack of space, it just means you have to think outside of the box.

Whether you have a big or small budget, are looking for professional or handmade, this extensive list of stunning centerpieces will hopefully give you all the explanation and inspiration you need to make an impact at your next event dinner.  

  1. Ice Sculpture Flowers

These frozen, encased flowers are a stunning centerpiece design that also changes throughout the courses before your eyes as it melts. Revelry Event Designers show a unique viewpoint of the individual flowers as well as they are magnified and distorted through the ice making them dynamic depending on the perspective that you are sitting.  

  1. Pebble Candles

This centerpiece is quite simple but creates a miniature beach scene on each table that is relaxed, calming and yet beautiful. This idea by Sweet Magnolia Estate is also budget friendly and relatively easy to set up while the multi-levels and sizes of the candles help it to look more complicated.

  1. Rose Mirror Stands

These lavish and deep colored rose table centers by Carrie Zack Events are definitely striking and decadent. The mirrored stands provide an interesting dynamic that works well with the candles and are definitely a conversation piece.

  1. Giant Candyland

These colorful and vibrant centerpieces by Ballenisles Country Club are fun for all ages and with the giant lollipops will go down great with the younger guests. The addition of the smaller candy and the rose flowers helps to avoid this centerpiece looking tacky and adds a more adult vibe if needed.

  1. Flower Arches

A unique display that creates a fun dynamic on a long table by Paul Nasr. These flower arches are definitely a talking piece but also allow guests to see ‘through’ and over them while also saving space on narrower long tables.


  1. Tabletop Flower Ladders

These decadent ladders shown by Grace Ormonde Wedding Style draw your attention upwards and also provide a hanging space for tea lights for dimly lit rooms. The addition of the tea lights below create an up lighting effect on the centerpieces making them picturesque.

7.Golden Confetti Balloons

These classy confetti balloons by Boutique Balloons Melbourne are a fun alternative to spruce up an old classic. The oversized balloons make them pretty décor for all event types and would be useful for smaller tables that don’t have a lot of extra space on the table itself.

  1. Orchid Martini Glasses

The combination of flowing orchids and frosted martini glasses by Clements Events & Decor allows trailing flowers on smaller or round tables that are eye-catching but allow you to see across and keep conversation flowing.


  1. Submerged Flowers

These suspended flowers from Save The Date UK are stunning and discrete centerpieces that allows you to study them up close to really appreciate them and would suit those who don’t like flowers going to waste. Fully customizable for flower type and glass size would make the possibilities for this simple idea endless.

  1. Cascading Flowers

A stunning long table idea that involves a floating urn that cascades flowers all along the table. This idea by Lebanese Luxury Events combines a small center arrangement and a large display at the end.

  1. LED Chandelier

Combining LED lights and crystals help to add a new dimension to centerpieces by Wow Factor Events Co. UK. These would be great for low lit events and could easily be a various range of colors in keeping with the theme, or even color changing.


  1. Driftwood Candles

Combines natural elements to create candle holders and the combination of glass and wood by Driftwood Artisan creating a mini fireplace for each table.

  1. Blush Rose Tree

This gorgeous rose tree from Tamarind Weddings is small and elegant and with the addition of the mirrored base and glass candle votive helps to exude a light pink color in keeping with this wedding’s theme.


  1. Circular Table Rings

For “donut” tables or those with center cutouts, this display by Lebanese Luxury Events is a wonderful problem solver that is low to the table and space saving while also providing a lovely wall against the empty hole in the middle.

  1. Glassless Cubes

Flowers in vases can be incredibly popular so this alternative by Table Top Towers is a chance to add something attendees may not have seen before. Glassless cubes to place the flowers in or on can provide short or tall centerpieces and makes it look like the flowers are exploding and growing right there where you sit.

  1. Winter Trees

These white tree branches by Save The Date UK provide an opportunity to hang ornaments from for individual table themes or a larger event theme in particular. They could be adapted for a modern woodland theme or make you feel like you’re in a winter wonderland  

  1. Disco Ball Fairy Lights

Whoever said disco was dead, clearly hasn’t seen these disco ball centerpieces by Posh Design Wedding & Events which provide a reflective ornament sitting upon an elongated glass stem making them a chic twist on a classic.


  1. Shabby Chic Vases

For vintage events or clients who want to help hand make their centerpieces, these rustic vases by Bottle & Box Shop add a sense of homeliness and warmth to the table. Plus each one would be slightly different making them a unique collection set afterwards.


  1. Geometric Cage

This futuristic geometric cage by Chelsea Keelan is a wonderful alternative for longer tables that don’t want to be filled with flowers. The cage provides an interesting centerpiece by itself and in some places can be a platform for adding trinkets or flowers too.

  1. Candle Chandeliers

These flower and candle chandeliers are a statement piece and also add extra lighting above the tables to eat by candlelight. This combination is gorgeously understated by My London Wedding Planner.

  1. Silver Candelabra

A classic and sophisticated setup by Paul Nasr who uses tradition, large silver candelabras with a base of flowers to provide these long table centerpieces. The candle colors matching the flowers give it a nice, coordinated touch too.

  1. Flowing Peacock

This stunning centerpiece can only be described as floral art by Tantawanbloom Wedding & Events and creates a peacock sculpture that blends and flows into the table. As a beautiful and colorful bird the flower colors could be interchangeable and the only shame is that it is perishable and won’t last forever.

  1. Winter Snowscape

This combination of crystal candlesticks, snowballs and beaded trees create a long table winter scene by Shakirova Studio that combined with the glass table helps to set the tone of the event and acts as some of the main décor.

  1. Floating Candles

This elegant and short piece by The Sun, The Moon & A Book is quite calming and has two layers to it. The combination of floating candles and flower rings gives the illusion that it is more intricate and complicated than it actually is.


  1. Sequin Vases

It sounds tacky but when done properly, the results are stunning, as proven by this table center from Nick Gommon. The Long and reflecting vases help to expand candlelight for low lit tables but also keep the flowers off the table to save space.


  1. Short Greenery

These ferns and greenery combined with the candles and votives help to make them look like they are sprouting and provide a natural setting as the centerpiece. This creation by Stylescapre By Sarah Abalos also helps to promote conversation by being short and low to the table which is particularly beneficial on a long table.

27. White Long Table

This entire floral table design by Marks Garden is stunning and sophisticated and even extends to above the table as well. The flowers hanging from the lighting mirror what is on the table which include arrangements of all white roses and silverware.

  1. Crystal Candle Flowers

Wow Factor Events Co. UK use a traditional candelabra structure to use as a base for wrapping flowers and it looks like they are naturally growing and taking over the silver. With the addition of the crystals it adds a sparkly flare which would reflect nicely in low lighting too.


  1. Pumpkin Carnation Creations

A seasonal and natural idea by The Flower Barn Coventry incorporates a range of natural elements including pine cones, twigs flowers and pumpkin for classy autumnal events. These centerpieces would also suit  eco-events or those who prefer to make their own.

  1. Diamanté Ostrich Feather

These ostrich feather towers from Save The Date UK provide an interesting alternative to flowers and adds a unique flair to a table center. As they are also set in a long stem glass they can beautifully overhand without getting in the way of attendees.

In Conclusion

These stunning centerpieces will hopefully give you all the explanation and inspiration you need and show you that while flowers are beautiful and tend to be popular, there are plenty of other unique options that you use to make beautiful event table centers.