Technology Brings Awesomeness to Events Schedules

Event scheduling is an art. is a great tool to display beautiful event schedules that work.

Displaying event schedules in an harmonious way is a tricky task. I experienced how difficult it can be when my team and I designed the schedule of our Event Manager Theme.

If you run simple conferences with few speakers and one location, solutions like the one above work out seamlessly. On the other hand if you work with complex events with concurrent sessions, multiple locations and a myriad of speakers or performers, well, the going gets tough.

Allow me to introduce you to

What Is It? is a scheduling service that allows organizers to display complex event schedules in a slick and effective way.

Here is their intro video:

Some Features

The reason why I like is that they nailed how to display complex programs. Users can look at sessions as a list, in grid or according to tracks.

On top of that, the schedule is mobile friendly and can be printed out easily.

The user is king deciding the level of detail to display.

Social Integration

Another feature I particularly loved is the ability to connect with Facebook and access a personalised version of the schedule. You can decide what sessions to attend based on your friends’ preferences.

Integration works also backwards allowing organizers to export the program into their Facebook page.

The social dimension is also contemplated in the event ecoshpere allowing attendees and speakers to create a profile, making it become a dedicated social network.

Mobile Friendliness integrates with the most prominent mobile platforms.

Looking at event schedules on iPads or Balckberries is an amazing experience, with no pinching needed.


The tool is not free, which may be a let down for some. Nonetheless if you run complex events you can surely afford the $99 for the standard version.

With the pro version, you can integrate your schedule with your website. Events like BlogWorld, SXSW12 and ComicCon used it successfully.

Anyhow it is free to try therefore no risk there.

In Conclusion is a startup that solves a big issue for event professionals, scheduling.

I invite you to check them out and tell me what you think.