Event Management

How to Run the Perfect Meetup

Meetups have been quite a passion of mine for a while.

How to run Meetups

I don’t run Meetups anymore but I learnt a few things planning quite a popular one a few years ago.

Therefore when I was invited to answer this question on Quora:

What are some strategies, tactics, or best practices for creating well attended meetups?

I could not resist to give my answer.

Here is an excerpt:

– Hook them with a reward

My secret weapon was offering food for free at the event and sometimes also a free drink. I managed to get that without investing a single penny.

I negotiated with venues to book the place on a Tuesday or Wednesday when they were usually empty and to bring 60+ people. I contacted venues that recently opened as they were willing to get the word out.

Sometimes we had also prizes like a bottle of champagne in exchange for business cards.

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