The Best Posts in January 2013 on @EventMB

We had a fresh start of the year over at Event Manager Blog.

Lots of featured and guest posts goodness.

Honestly, I don’t think how could you miss such incredible flow of useful content.


Here is the roundup…

The Best Posts in January 2013

1. Event Concept Design That Makes You Go Wow

An in depth look at interesting concepts happening around the world. Feed your hunger for inspiration

2. How to Convince Your Boss Social Media Is Right For Your Event

Read this post for some effective tactics on tackling the worst social media skeptics.

3. Why It’s a Must We Top Last Year’s Event. But How?

Another piece of brilliant inspiration by regular guest blogger, Michelle Bergstein.

4. 3 Ways To Turn Around An Event Headed For Disaster

If you feel overwhelmed by your event, this guest post will help you deal with it.

5. Your Guide to DMCs. How to Find and Use One Effectively

DMCs are a great opportunity for international meeting professionals. This guest post will help you deal with them.

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Photo by Thomas Hawk