The Best Posts in August 2012 on @EventMB

Howdy readers!

Holidays are over although we really had an incredible Auguest here at Event Manager Blog.

We talked about Marketing, Lies and Truths.

If you were busy enjoying the sun or the lack of it, depending on where you live, here is what you missed…

The Best Posts in August 2012

1. Why #eventprofs Should Start Using Eventifier Now
We introduced to the #eventprofs community a nice little tools called Eventifier. Have a look.


2. The 10 Biggest Lies in Events Marketing
We busted most of the overused marketing lies event (un)professionals like to say.


3. 10 Event Marketing Tips
A guest post in response to 10 Marketing Lies looking at positive marketing strategies.


4. 5 Social Media Monitoring Tools for Event Managers
Another guest post looking at social media monitoring tools for busy event professionals.


5. Landing the Million Dollar Event
Ever wondered how to get the big contracts? The Event Leadership Institute shares their view.

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