Conference Compass [Review]

Conference Compass [Review]

Conference Compass: What Is It?

Conference Compass is a hybrid event platform with built-in live-streaming capabilities delivered through a customizable web platform and mobile app. Originally built for conferences in the medical industry, Conference Compass has expanded its offerings to appeal to event organizers from all industries. It also offers a 365-day solution, which can be accessed either as a mobile app or through the browser.


Main Feature Categories

Customizable mobile event apps and web platforms: The Conference Compass platform and mobile app is white-labelled, which means that event organizers have more creative control over the look and feel of the entire attendee experience. On the event platform, organizers can drag and drop any number of tiles or shortcuts onto the event homepage to allow attendees to quickly navigate to relevant pages. While attendees can still access the event platform’s homepage on the internet browsers of their mobile devices, the native mobile app does not include tiles. However, organizers are still able to adjust the look and feel of the native app to be consistent with their branding; the home screen typically features a session preview video, as well as an event news feed.

Gamification: The customization capabilities continue as organizers are able to adjust scoring based on the activities that matter most. If networking is a highly important part of the event, organizers can attribute higher scores for networking. If organizers want to influence participants to partake in certain sessions (i.e. sponsor sessions) they can increase the associated scores. There is a leaderboard so attendees can see how they are doing and prizes can be awarded (digitally or physically) for those who come out on top.

Restricted access: Organizers can host all their events with Conference Compass and arrange attendees into groups so they only have access to the events and content that is relevant to them. This feature can even be used at a session level for private sessions or roundtables which are exclusive to your VIPs.

Integrations: The platform can be fully integrated with many registration and marketing systems, and it offers advanced integration with CRM (customer relationship management) software. For example, the access rules mentioned above can be tied to CRM profiles, with full integration allowing event organizers to set exactly how often the event platform should cross-check its attendee information against their CRM database. A potential use case would be for an online association hub, with one-time visitors having different access levels than a full member.

Onsite/offsite support: Conference Compass is based in the Netherlands but provides onsite and offsite support for any region in any time zone.



Conference Compass is designed to add a layer of simplicity to complex events. The motivation behind the platform appears to be creating a simple, customizable solution for a hybrid future. Therefore it has been built with the option of upgrading to a 365 platform, which can be home to larger annual congresses, smaller meetings and workshops, as well as a content hub.

First-time users are allocated a customer success manager in order to get the most out of the platform. They will set up customizable templates for the mobile and web app, which organizers can access at any time to make any further changes they would like. Training on how to use the platform is also provided by the support teams.

Though the platform doesn’t have its own registration system it does offer full integration with other registration and member databases. Attendees can be imported in groups and assigned different levels of access depending on the set up of your event. For example, if your CRM has separate categories for different levels of membership, it is possible to give each category tailored levels of access to content — the event platform will regularly check for updates at intervals of your choosing.

Conference Compass also has its own built-in live streaming capability, so there is no need to use third-party services such as Webex and Zoom. The platform also includes a whole host of features, including multi-level agendas, interactive floorplans, and gamification designed to improve engagement and drive event goals.


The platform is primarily designed for and used by medical, scientific, and corporate conference organizers. However, it is also used by: corporate organizations, meeting planners, medical and non-medical associations, and professional conference organizers. The platform and app are fully customizable, which means a wide variety of organizers could use the same platform and accomplish a completely different feel that is unique to them and their audience.


As the brand name suggests, this platform was initially designed specifically for conferences. However, over the past 12 months Conference Compass has made a number of updates to its platform in order to support exhibition organizers. Recent updates aimed at exhibition organizers include gamification features and lead capture. While this platform is not built specifically for exhibition organizers, it may have all the key features needed, particularly if content plays an important role in your event.



Customisable event app and virtual event platform:

  • Add widgets or shortcuts to the home page of your desktop platform and web-based app
  • Customize the colors, images, and themes to create continuity and synergy with your brand
  • Change the size of tiles, icons, and text

Registration and CRM software integration:

  • Easily invite registered participants to download the app
  • Control access to events and specific platform features based on registration data or CRM profiles

Multi-track agendas for concurrent sessions:

  • Run concurrent sessions, across multiple tracks 
  • Filter the agenda to easily find the relevant track or interest areas
  • Allow attendees to choose from three viewing options for the agenda (list view and horizontal and vertical calendar view)

Built-in live streaming studio:

  • Avoid relying on third-party streaming services by using built-in live stream broadcast studio
  • Benefit from collaborative content creation with built-in pre-recording of presentations by the speakers themselves
  • Instantly make session recordings available for on-demand access

Attendee agenda personalization:

  • Attendees can create their own personalized program which can be exported to their calendar
  • Attendees will receive reminders when a session they would like to attend is about to start

Built-in content management and communication system:

  • Upload slides and PDFs directly onto the platform
  • Add slides and other files to sessions for attendees to easily access and download 
  • Add files to specific organization or sponsor profiles/virtual booths
  • Send out news messages and customized push notifications

Interactive floor plan:

  • Click on theatre locations on the floor plan to see the sessions which are taking place in that room
  • Click on exhibitor booths to find out more information about the company
  • Have the option to divide floor plans according to activity (e.g. one for content rooms only and one for the exhibition floor)
  • Create multi-level venue floor plans when needed

Content-specific discussions:

  • Create discussion boards where attendees can leave their ideas and thoughts related to specific abstracts, sessions, or posters in the platform
  • Enable networking through clickable profile images on comment threads — by clicking on the attendee profile image, attendees can access the related profile and request a meeting

Multiple sponsor options:

  • Create restrictions based on sponsorship levels 
  • Highlight sponsor logos within the agenda for sponsored sessions
  • Create dedicated tiles and buttons
  • Include personalised banners
  • Host sponsored roundtable discussions

Advanced analytics and lead capture:

  • Access detailed analytics per session, user, and exhibitor that can be used for analysis and for purposes of accreditation for continued education
  • Provide exhibitors with GDPR-compliant lead capture options

Device agnostic:

  • Attendees can access sessions from their browser or laptop screen, or on-the-go on their phones or tablets using the native app (or by accessing the web platform on their mobile internet browsers)

Interactive breakout rooms:

  • Create breakout rooms for poster and round-table sessions
  • Run concurrent breakout sessions
  • Give participants control over their video and audio


  • Customize gamification scores to prioritize the activities that matter most at your event
  • Allow attendees to see how they rank during the event with the leaderboard
  • Provide digital or physical prizes to winners based on their engagement


Pricing and Plans

Conference Compass’ pricing plans are not publicly available; however, if you are interested in their features, consider booking a demo for more information.


Pros and Cons


Fully customizable: Depending on the type of event you are organizing, you have the option to toggle specific features on or off so that attendees aren’t distracted by irrelevant modules.

Discussions for specific abstracts and posters: The platform allows attendees to participate in conversations linked to a piece of content such as an abstract or poster for better audience engagement.

Live-streaming built-in: Unlike most other platforms, Conference Compass has its own native live-streaming capabilities built into the platform, so there is no need to rely on integrations or use-third party streaming services such as Webex or Zoom.

Exclusive invite-only sessions: You can restrict certain sessions in your agenda to only be visible to VIPs or members.

Year-round community platform support: The platform allows organizers to share on-demand content year round, while also creating special events designed for specific attendee groups or community members.

Robust CRM integration: Conference Compass’s ability to integrate fully with CRMs is a significant advantage to event organizers who already have detailed attendee profiles in their own databases. Seamless data sharing between the integrated platforms means that organizers would not have to manually update attendee information by exporting and importing CSV files throughout the year.


Max 10 events per month: This platform is not suitable for organizers who want to host over 120 events per year. There isn’t currently a filter or search option in the backend to allow organizers with a much larger event program to easily sort through their catalogue of events.

No widgets on the mobile app: Unlike the web-based mobile app, there is no option to use widgets for shortcuts on the native mobile app version of the platform.

No native registration system: The platform does not have its own native registration platform; however it does integrate with registration platforms via API.



When it comes to customization, Conference Compass’ platform allows organizers to adapt the best parts of the platform for their event, leave what isn’t relevant, and then brand it appropriately.

Although the platform was initially built for the medical industry, many of its features and benefits will be desirable to event organizers from different sectors. It is also a robust platform for year-round engagement with advanced settings for restricting access according to attendee/member type.

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