The Future of Real-Time Social Media Integration at Events

This is a sponsored post by (RLC), your global partner for linking social spaces. Written by Juergen Hoebarth, CVO of RLC.

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Event organizers already use social media to promote their events, concerts or conferences before and after the event. But those post are often generic and lack of true user engagement. What they neglect is leveraging the on-site experience of the audience into the digital sphere by providing a convenient way of sharing with their friends. Smart organizers turn their attendees into brand advocates to achieve a real impact on social media channels like Facebook.


Social Walls which display #hashtags are getting some traction but they are more or less passive and mainly enrich the experiences of the actual event visitors. But their friends and those who have not attended cannot be reached. The challenge is how to reach those people who are not at the event? It looks complicated and rather impossible but in fact it is simple implementing on-site real-time social media.

Assuming that the friends and followers of your event visitors are also the target audience of your brand whom you would like to reach, you should use your on-site audience to generate buzz and amplify the effect of your event into the digital space. Thus generating potential future sales for your brand, products or event tickets by turning attendees into brand advocates and letting those who are not there know that they are missing out on something great.

The future lies in integrating social media fully into your event and turning a common badge into a Smart-Badge.

We, from RealLifeConnect provide an easy-to-use fully customizable platform as a service (PaaS) and turnkey hardware (NFCtokens and interaction points) that allows event organizers to easily adapt to the future of social media for events which is real-time integration.


How Social Media Real-time Integration is accomplished.

When people are signing up (RSVP) to your event, conference or concert, they do this via an online signup form. We enrich this sign-up process with a code snippet that links their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profile to a Smart-Badge via our (PaaS).

When the visitors come to your event they will get everything they are used to, including a badge, but this time it is a Smart-Badge with a NFC chip – it knows exactly to whom it belongs.

Attendees’ first action at your venue usually is to swipe their Smart-Badge at the entrance (for access control) and the badge will automatically check them in to your venue on their social media profiles. This will be displayed to all their friends and followers.

(Check-In Area @ Event Venue)

Throughout the venue you can place different interaction points where they can swipe their cards to get presentations or info-material forwarded to their email address. This interaction will also be published to their social media channels, attracting others to check out the provided content and drawing attention to your event. There are multiple other possibilities, like taking pictures, creating polls, participating in lucky draws or liking products and all are leveraged in real time onto their social media channels to be seen by thousands of friends online.

We all know that a picture is worth more than a thousand words and having an event photographer is mandatory for documentation purposes. RealLifeConnects platform in combination with Smart-Badges transform the mundane task of taking pictures into an interactive and fun activity where people can post the pictures in real time to their users profile and also on the events Facebook page. All it takes is a simple swipe.

The future is now, do not miss out and stay behind – enrich your event with Real-Time Social Media Integration.

RealLifeConnect provides a global turnkey package for agencies and brands for Social Media RFID Event and Marketing Solutions via its Hard and Software Platform as a Service – specialized in Facebook RFID promotions and advertising.