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5 Event Planning Questions Answered on Quora

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This week I decided to answer a few event planning questions on Quora. Here are the questions and their answers.

Quora is a great service to ask questions and get answers. It is no different from Yahoo! answers or LinkedIn Answers. At least in principle.

In fact, Quora offers a great suite of tools to make the Q&A process very interesting and somewhat addictive.

I also like the technology and social focussed crowd on Quora.

I have been on Quora for a while now, but never really gave it a proper go.

That changed last week, when I decided to start answering a few questions.

Since it’s all great questions and hopefully valuable answers I decided to share them with you.

5 Event Planning Questions from Quora

1. How do you feel if a free-entry training event charge your £10 deposit through online bank or paypal?

This is actually a very good question. It has been suggested as a solution to avoid no shows at events. Feel free to add your take.

Read the answer.

2. What event info display ‘converts’ the best?

This is a question that touches me personally. Having worked on the development of Event Manager Theme I have dedicated a lot of effort trying to figure out the best answer.

Read the answer.

3. What’s your opinion on creating a facebook fan page specifically for an annual event?

I’ve talked about this topic a few times on the blog. The question though is very specific. And so is my answer.

4. Ideas on leveraging social media for b2b events?

Answering this question can take a blog post on its own. It is very complex and the answer can change significantly depending on the context.

Nonetheless I gave it a go and answered.

5. Is it possible to net Euro 120,000 annually from a part-time niche start up service in the first year?

This is more of a business question, although the business in question revolves around events.

I’ve been asked to answer this question and I could not say no. Here is my answer.

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I am liking Quora. It is kind of becoming part of my daily social routine. Let’s see how it develops.

You can follow me on Quora and ask me a question. I’ll do my best to answer them all.

You can also follow the Event Planning board I set up. I usually post relevant questions there.

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