Proxlet: Your Antiemetic Therapy for Twomiting

I’ve been talking about how , should not be encouraged by event planners.

OK but what about us followers, annoyed by others’ tweets?

Well I am here today, dear reader, to introduce Proxlet. Proxlet is a great service to get rid of those annoying tweets by wise hashtag filtering.

Before you even think about commenting about how this is not new technology, hear this:

Smart filtering

– You can mute apps (ie foursquare, gowalla, etc), users or, indeed, hashtags.
– You can decide for how long you want to mute all of the above, a minute or forever.
– You can then use the wisely created filters on your favourite client (Tweetdeck or Twitter for iPhone to name a couple)

Why does it matter?

On their landing page they do feature a tweet from @clarklesparkle saying: “[…] No more annoying conference live-tweets […]” as a selling point.

It made me think about and write this post.

Conferences live-tweets have become mostly noise. Too many tweets, too many updates (thanks @asegar for the tip), so hard to put in context. Proxlet filters the noise. And we need that as both followers and event planners.

Although I do argue that as event planners we should cure the problem at the source and stimulate more appropriate user generated content.

Twomiting, I am gonna hunt you down!