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5 Things to Know About Producing a Movie Premiere

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Successfully creating the perfect movie premiere and after-party requires very close attention to detail, and the first step is to know your audience.

Just as every movie is promoted to a specific crowd, you really have to design the movie premiere to cater to the guests who are in attendance—set a mood based on the movie and build off of that.

The Perfect Movie Premiere

1. Be creative

Back in the day, Hollywood would only use a “RED” carpet, but now studios are open to using carpets in all types of colors. It still presents as Hollywood Glam, but now production companies have more liberty to customize the overall feel of the press arrivals to fit the film, and title treatments can even be printed directly onto the carpet.

And on that note, today the standard step and repeat is just that: standard. Studios now like to tantalize the press by creating a setting that better reflects the movie, and that includes playing with the design of the step and repeat and the details that are set forth on the carpet.

From stunts, to props, to 3D-backdrop step and repeats, Hollywood is always raising the bar.

2. Make it fun

With the 3D movie experience growing in popularity, 3D glasses have also become part of the fanfare and fun at premieres.

With different colors, sizes, and styles, the guests are able to watch a movie in stylized glasses that fit the individual film. Again, there is attention paid to every detail.

3. Set the stage

Grand entrances to movie premiere after-parties are as standard as the red ropes that line the carpets that celebrities walk before each film. For the past couple years now, studios like to set a stage for what is to come by immediately introducing the venue as a completely transformed space.

From dramatic overhangs in neon, to football-length pathways filled with mirrors or even foliage, to a custom soundscape adding to the suspense of what is to come, entrances have become just as important as the actual parties.

Gatsby entrance
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4. Customize it

Design for the interior of the event is crucial, and the rule is Custom, Custom, Custom. All premieres should have ample plush lounge seating to give celebrities their own world.

From cabanas to custom seating vignettes adorned with themed back walls and custom design accents, these lounges have to tie into the overall design of the room and the theme of the movie. They create the vibe, style, and sleek appeal that all that in attendance want to be a part of.

The room must feel from start to finish as one overall design concept. Guests just viewed the movie and are now amongst the talent, and with the right room design, they too can feel as though they’ve been transported into the actual set.

The main goal of any movie premiere after-party is to create a party that everyone can relate to after viewing the film. You want to showcase immense style while remaining consistent to the theme all the way through.

5. Don’t forget the food!

Food is especially important, and it should also coordinate with the theme of the night. The menus just add to the cohesive blend of design from start to finish.

From customized server outfits, to specialty cocktails, to fabulous dessert displays, each element must work together to enhance the overall experience of each guest.

In Conclusion

Producing movie premieres and their after-parties today is all about creating a cohesive theme that reflects the movie itself.

The after-parties should make guests feel as though they were transported into a scene from the movie they just saw, and the real work in achieving that is in paying attention to the smallest details.
0931131885799caf1238ebd80db5a68dThis is a guest post by Samantha Sackler. She is the CEO and founder of the full-service event production company Samantha Sackler Productions. She has years of experience producing countless movie premieres, and you can keep up with all of her events on Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook.