Sync Slides and Talks with Presentme

Presentme is a new tool to sync and show video with slides. It looks awesome and it is easy to use.

Not sure if you experienced that, but finding a tool to integrate video with slides is a pain in the neck.

Either you are a master of Final Cut or you are, well, cut out.

While tweeting I spotted Presentme, a nifty little tool that has the only mission to make this painful integration work.

What Is It?

Import your presentation to Presentme, record with your Webcam or upload a video then share it to the world. As simple as that.

Whenever I started to think about creating a video/slides mash up, the difficult technology available just made me pass.

Presentme is an easy solution to a problem lots of us experienced.

If you run a conference you may have videos and slides. Sure you can upload the video to Youtube or slides to Slideshare, but making the most of the two worlds is amazing.

They also offer interactive editing tools to trim your video.

Embedding on Steroids

The reason why I signed up within minutes I landed on the site is the powerful embedding options.

I loved how you can skip slides on the player, which looks amazingly clean.

They have a whole list of widgets to embed the video you produced on your site. If you use Event Manager Theme, you can download here their WordPress plugin.

On top of that, you can share the video on their platform and gain further audience.

Mobile Compatibility

While I write this, Presentme videos can be viewed on iPads.

They are soon releasing iPhone and Android apps. With Pro and Plus accounts you’ll be able to allow users to download videos for offline playback.


The service is free for maximum 3 presentations a month. You have a time limit of 15 minutes for each preso.

The paid plans start at a very accessible $9 a month for 30, 60 minute long, presentations. Learn more here.

In Conclusions

I have very high expectations for Presentme. Now that Slideshare has been acquired by LinkedIn, they can be a true outsider in the most adopted tool in events and B2B marketing, presentations.

Give it a go, now!