The Best Posts in October 2013 on @EventMB

Time for our monthly roundup of the best event planning articles on this blog.

What an October we had! Great content, fantastic discussions and some announcements.

In case you were busy planning your next event, here is a roundup of…

The Best Posts in October 2013

1. How to Tweet From an Event [Infographic]

This article features a simple yet effective infographic to pass along to your attendees and get them to tweet.

2. The Event Planner Lifestyle Boost: Take Care of Yourself While Planning Successful Events

The title is self explanatory. If you feel tired and super stressed, make sure to read it.

3. 5 Startup Ideas to Help the Event Industry

I feel that if we had these 5 services our industry would be thankful.

4. How Event Planners Choose Venues

Some proper research on what makes eventprofs decide to hire a venue.

5. The Event Planners’ Knowledge Gap

A guest post by Howard Givner with a self assessment quiz to test your AV knowledge.

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