The Best Posts in June 2012 on @EMBlog

What a great month June has been. Lots of announcements, acquisitions, rounds of funding and events.

We all know you should ready each and every single post on this blog, but hey that is not always possible.

Here’s a handy recap for you…

The Best Posts in June 2012

1. Twitter Hashtag Pages. It’s All About Events.
A special coverage of Twitter’s Hashtag Pages launch. The opportunities for events are very interesting.

2. So You Want Bloggers at Your Next Event?
Bloggers are hot stuff, everybody wants them to attend their event. Here is what you need to do to get bloggers to show up.

3. Google Takes Events Seriously
Google introduced lots of products for the events industry last month. Here is what you need to know.

4. Start a Blog Now – Blogging for DMCs and Destinations [Presentation]
A slide deck I presented during IMEX about blogging for DMCs and Destinations.

5. Facebook: Understanding Contests, Deals and Events
Great infographic about using these Facebook features better.

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