Organize Your Party On the Go with Hurricane Party

Location and mobile are so hot right now. It looks like mobiles are becoming the missing piece on the online/offline integration jigsaw puzzle.

With high spirits (in the same fashion of the above pic), I salute Hurricane Party.

How would I define it?

Hurricane Party is a mobile app that empowers party animals to organize, share and find parties nearby with a hint of serendipity and spontaneity added to the mix.

Why does it matter?

It looks like making sense of fuzziness is becoming of great value. If we think about the mess of flashmobs and organic gatherings, Hurricane Party brings all these elements together in a more organized user generated cocktail.

Who should use it?

I’ve always believed that the average Jane is a much better event planner than Rachel the MegaEvent Director. It’s an app for those willing to run their own party and make sure that all their contacts are informed about it. Despite they do feature a business section I would use the app as an individual rather than in business contexts.

But have a look at their intro and tell me what you think:

Thanks for the indirect tip: Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics