How Nike Integrates Social Media at Sporting Events

The Nike Shout initiative grew Nike’s Indonesian social channels by 200,000 fans and followers. Here is how they did it.

While wondering on the Twitterverse I spotted a tweet by @ThisisEnzo who pointed me to a clever Olgivy campaign for Nike Indonesia.

What is it About?

I would call it a Twitter Wall on steroids. Nike invited to tweet or send updates to an Indonesian football (or soccer if you wish) team during a match on the electronic billboards on the side of the pitch.

By tweeting a particular hashtag or leaving a message on Nike’s Facebook Page, fans were able to directly address their champions and encourage them during the match.

What were the Results?

Results of the campaign are well summed up in this video:

In Conclusion

Nike and Olgivy succeeded with a very simple idea and gave fans an opportunity to shine. I can only imagine the satisfaction of those who saw their tweet on the screen during the match.

Nike Shout is available for other sporting events and definitely looks like a winner.