The Best Posts of January 2015 on @EventMB

Time for our monthly roundup of the hottest articles on your favourite event blog. Yes, the first month of the year is over, fast right?!


January was an amazing month full of inspiring content. We are sure you loved it.

If you were busy planning your next event, here is what you missed last month.

The Best Posts in January 2015

1. 10 Ways to Be a Better Event Manager

A great post to start the year with the right attitude and focus on what makes us better #eventprofs.

2. 6 Essential Reasons Why You Should Share Your Event Workload

You can’t possibly take everything on yourself, learn to delegate and your events will benefit.

3. 10 Things to Think About When Preparing for a Hybrid Event

Hybrid events are here to stay, here is what you need to know to run a perfect one.

4. The First Step to Event Sustainability Starts Here

Caring about sustainability means caring for the industry. Learn how to make your event more sustainable.

5.  How to Prevent Event Volunteer Fail

Managing volunteers is not as easy as it looks. If you plan events with volunteers, you cannot miss this article.

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