Free eBook! Mobile Apps: The New Event Essential

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If you’re like 80% of smartphone users, you reach for your mobile device within fifteen minutes of waking up. And that’s just the beginning. On average, we check our phones 150 times throughout the day. Is your organization connecting with these consumers?

If you want your brand to stay relevant in today’s world, you have to relate to your mobile audience. How do your attendees use their smart devices? What are their expectations? 64% of smartphone users view brands with mobile apps more favorably.

Mobile apps aren’t just for entertainment. You can use them to inform and educate. You can drive networking and overall engagement. A mobile event app empowers your attendees to become active participants. It also gives you the opportunity to grow your company’s reputation and develop meaningful relationships.

How can you achieve this? The key is developing a solid mobile strategy that meets your organization’s goals and delivers the kind of personalized event experience your attendees want.


Ten years ago, having a website was crucial to the success of companies and organizations. Consumer behavior changed even more rapidly when social media and smart devices entered the scene. Nowadays, your business might as well be non-existent if you’re not engaging with consumers through social and mobile platforms.

CrowdCompass has helped over a thousand event organizers and meeting planners build custom native apps for their events. Our last eBook focused on how to increase mobile app adoption. Mobile Apps: The New Event Essential goes back to the beginning and shows you how to develop and implement a successful mobile app strategy.

Download the entire free eBook for more tactical information on:
• Tackling financial concerns: cost, budgeting, and monetization
• Applying three key business pillars to all event technology decisions, not just mobile apps
• Identifying decision factors and evaluation criteria to choose the best mobile app partner