Meet 10 Event Startups Rocking in Europe and Vote for the Best One

Here are 10 of the most promising startups in Europe and your chance to vote for the winner of the Event Technology Awards.

Event technology startup award

Event Manager Blog is media partner of the Event Technology Awards, happening the 15th of November in London, UK (win a pair of tickets to the conference here).

We decided to support a brand new category, dedicated to Event Startups. We don’t feel there is enough recognition for the guys bringing real innovation to the industry.

Startups drive big changes in technology and this is no different in the event industry.

Event startups are growing, we collected more than 850 of them in a Pinterest board. Every day someone is thinking about solving event professionals or attendees problems by creating technology that helps.

Meet The Finalists

Together with a panel of super cool judges I voted for the strongest startups out of dozens of submissions.

The criteria were multiple. Relevancy to the industry and innovativeness of the technology were some of the assessment criteria. The vote was independent and only those who collected most votes from all judges were shortlisted.

Here are the links and pitches from the shortlisted startups(in alphabetic order):

“We’re unique in the way we capture all types of knowledge generated at conferences to make it more transparent and accessible to the world. And also in the way we’re expanding the options of networking at and around conferences, extending their lifecycle.”

Event Rater
“Event Rater gathers ratings ( /10 ) and feedback from event attendees which allows venue management and event organisers to evaluate events/venues who can then identify areas for improvement as well as appreciate the areas they are managing effectively.”

“We mash up various event, location and music information services to deliver personalised event recommendations based on user’s tastes, interests, budget and location.”

“Starting from a single screen outside a seminar theatre showing time-sensitive agenda, to a multiple-screen feature in a central networking area showing what’s on right now across the entire show, EventIgnite displays dynamic content that is always up to date.”
“Our product helps exhibitions manage and understand their Twitter marketing and community activity around their show.”

“Meethub enables delegates to maximise their business networking by providing a simple solution for scheduling face-to-face meetings. It gives organisers a platform to enhance the value of their event and effortlessly manage meeting spaces.”
“Organizers can set up their event in less than 1 minute, while the audience can join in a few seconds from any device.”

“Sponsia gives professional and non-professional event organisers the opportunity to find interested sponsors, manage relations and raise funds”

Wrist Marketing
“Our RFID Wristbands can be processed in the same way as a ticket. The RFID Wristband is read by the printer and the UID associated with the customer’s registration records on the ticketing database. No information is held on the wristband.”

“zkipster changed the way brands run check-in at closed events (seated dinners, fundraisers, launches, premieres).In September 2013 zkipster introduces zFace Picture Guest List, the industry’s first auto-sourced picture guest list.”

You Decide The Winner

I want you to roll up your sleeves and vote for who you think is the best.

In fact the winner could have only been your decision. Who better than you, dear #eventprof knows what is the most innovative and relevant startup to the event industry.

The winner will get a full feature here on the blog together with some other cool prizes.

You can read the full submissions from the participants here and you can vote for the winner here.

Photo by ElDave