Top five ways to keep your career going

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If you are experiencing the negative impact of the economic crisis or you find very difficult to keep up with new technologies this post will help you in keeping up.

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I am not sure if you are aware but there is a community of event professionals which is facing new economic and technology challenges brilliantly. I talk to them over twitter, I see them interacting in the Linkedin Discussions, I meet them at free networking events or at BarCamps. They save money using free software, the cut budgets promoting on social networks the maximise satisfaction by integrating new technologies.

There are few easy steps to keep yourself ahead of the game and be up to date with what is going on with Event Planning 2.0. I’ll be happy to assist you in this and you will notice most of the first steps involve me. Nonetehelss, as soon as you’ll join, you will find like minded people willing to help, possibly in your area and with great expertise.

1. Join the Linkedin Events Group and add me as a direct contact there.

Get in touch with me, send me messages and participate to discussions.

You cannot afford to be shy or to just read. Get active.

I’ll be soon hosting a free webinar on how to get a better job using Linkedin, followed by an online speed networking session. You should not miss that! All the info in the Linkedin Events group discussions.

2. Join the group networking events in your area.

Upcoming Events include:

– London, UK:

Group members in the area: 100+

When: Oct, 28 2008

Where: Benugo @ BFI

Event info and RSVP page

Chicago, USA:

Group members in the area: 100+

When: Oct, 29 2008

Where: The Crimson Lounge @ Hotel Sax

Event info page

– Los Angeles, USA:

Group members in the area: 200+

When: Nov, 7 2008

Where: The Kress, Hollywood

Event info page

– Philadelphia, USA:

Group members in the area: 100+

When: Nov, 10 2008

Where: Pearl

Event info page

– New York City, USA:

Group members in the area: 400+

When: Nov, 18 2008

Where: Honey

Event info page

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3. Join twitter and add me as a contact.

Most of the people I follow on twitter know how things should be made. Feel free to bulk add them. If I am not following you on twitter send a message saying ” @tojulius I am following you! ”

4. Attend a BarCamp

You will find a complete list at the official website.

If you are in London I am organizing ecoCampLondon and will be attending MediaCampLondon. It’s usually free so come and say hi.

You will learn a lot on new trends in events and how you can empower attendees.

5. Join Xing and add me to your network

Xing is very similar to Linkedin. I am planning to develop few projects there as well so as for Linkedin, start being active.