Goodbye Live Tweeting, Hello Live Pinning

Have you heard of Pinterest? Yes right? What about ?

I just read the first report of live pinning on Mashable and I must say it is quite intriguing. Looks like fashion is once again innovating in the event industry.

Gimme the News!

St. Barth based fashion label Calypso St. Barth invited Pinterest power user Chrisem and her 983K followers to live pin the photo shoot of their summer book.

The simple idea may actually be quite significant for picture intensive events such as fashion shows or concerts.

Live Tweeting is Alive but not Well

Live tweeting is still there and crucial. Hashtags are one of the most powerful weapons to amplify the event experience.

Nonetheless live tweeting is not perfect. Actually the constant stream of tweets irritates a lot of users. That is why tweeting introduced features like Stories to make sense of all the mess.

Despite these attempts to fix stuff, 125 characters (140 – the approximate hashtag length) may simply not be enough.

It may be quick and effective for events that make the news such as the Arabic Spring but not ideal for content/media intensive gigs. This tends to be the case of planned events.

I Like Live Pinning

Live Pinning is really stimulating my creativity.

The threaded layout of Pinterest and the emphasis on pictures are real winners for events.

Firstly each thread can have its stand alone discussion. Something that Twitter relegates to third party clients.

Secondly pictures are the center of the attention and help telling a richer story.

Thirdly event marketers will be happy for the beneficial referral power of Pinterest.

This formula looks like a winner.

In Conclusion

It is very early days to rule Twitter out of the game. Our love for the blue bird and the fail whale is still intact.

However Twitter needs to look at organizing live tweeting better as the user experience is unavoidably impacted.

That is why I urge you to keep an eye on Pinterest and this post for future reference.

Wait, why don’t you just Pin It

Photo by kentbrew