Kinsey Fabrizio: The New Face of Consumer Technology

Skift Take

Kinsey Fabrizio is leading CES into the future as the Consumer Technology Association’s new president.

Last month, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) made waves in the events industry with the elevation of Kinsey Fabrizio as president. She joins longtime CEO Gary Shapiro at the helm of CTA, which owns and produces CES (formerly the Consumer Electronics Show), following a meteoric rise over the past fifteen years. 

Her journey with CTA began in 2008 when she joined the membership department. She ascended through the ranks, learning the organization’s ins and outs.

CES is iconic. Its 2024 iteration included 138,000 attendees and 4,300 exhibitors from 161 countries. “We had flying cars at CES 2024 to health and wellness tech, and then of course, AI was really underpinning everything,” she says.

Pioneer in Digital Health

Fabrizio got her start in the industry working for Smithbucklin. That is where she learned the inner workings of associations. She then joined the Consumer Electronics Association, the former name of CTA. 

“I became really thoughtful about new and emerging technologies that would impact the future of our organization and our show and industry,” she said.

That was over a decade ago, and Fitbit was all the rage. “I thought it was so cool how you could quantify your own health and wellness and I created a whole portfolio for CTA around digital health. That propelled my career growth.”

She went on to revise membership and dues and was tasked with running the CES sales team. All the organization’s revenue was reported to Fabrizio. “From there, I started overseeing the entire show, and that led me to where I am today,” she says.

Pandemic Focus

While many perfected sourdough bread recipes, Fabrizio was studying. She used the pause to get her MBA from the University of Maryland Global Campus. “My studies were all virtual, and I didn’t know how I would like that, but it was amazing. I had really phenomenal professors who I will stay in contact with for the rest of my life,” she said.

AI Enthusiast

“I love AI. Specifically, for the live events and meetings and conferences industry, I think AI is going to give attendees a more personalized and unique experience. For a big show like CES, it’s going to help attendees be more efficient and understand who is there and who they want to see. I think the business intelligence that AI will unlock is going to be very powerful,” she said.

Relationship Builder

Many traits have helped Fabrizio in her journey to the top. One of the most important is her ability to build relationships with everyone. “Establishing relationships is so important,” she said, “from people with big titles to new entrants and junior staff just starting out.”

5 AM Club

Fabrizio is a member of Robin Sharma’s 5 a.m. Club. She feels this morning routine has helped her maximize her productivity. “I spend some of this morning time focused on three different areas: reflecting, growth, and on some type of physical activity.”

Las Vegas Citywide

CES is committed to Las Vegas through 2048. “I don’t foresee us ever leaving Vegas,” she said. The show utilizes about ten different hotels, three of the city’s largest convention centers, and more.