The Best Posts in January

How was your January dear readers?

If you did not have the time to stop by we had a lot of action on the blog.

We also launched a Google+ Hangout where you can ask your questions and get answers!

Here are the most popular posts of last month.

The Best Posts in January 2012

1. Event Startups Are Getting Hot
Event startups are really taking off these days, here is a summary of the hot startups to watch in 2012

2. Check in Your Guests with CheckInEasy
CheckInEasy is a great guest check-in tool we reviewed. Have a look!

3. Plancast Dies
Very sad news. Plancast, a great service for social event attendance, declared it is going to shut down.

4. 10 Event Trends for 2012: The Webinar
The presentation 10 Event Trends for 2012 got over 47K views, here is a version with a voiceover.

5. Use Eventbrite Like a Pro: Beyond Social Media
A sponsored post by the great guys at Eventbrite, lear how to use their great affiliate and SEO functionalities.

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