17 Interactive Entertainment Ideas For Large Crowds

Crowd at an event with their hands up facing towards a strage with confetti in the air

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Today, with everyone constantly chasing their next Instagram-worthy moment, interactive entertainment is a must. It transforms good events into unforgettable experiences, forging connections and creating lasting memories.

Imagine looking at a sea of eager faces, all excited, waiting for your event to start. As an event planner, you’d agree that the magic lies in more than just the details; it’s about creating an unforgettable event experience that truly engages people.

Why go interactive? It’s simple—interactive entertainment connects with event attendees on an emotional level, creating positive vibes that linger long after the event. When people feel engaged, they’re more likely to remember your event and recommend it to others. Think of it as turning your attendees into brand ambassadors.

Whether it’s a corporate event, a festival, or a community gathering, engaging your crowd through interactive activities is the secret sauce to success. Here are 17 interactive entertainment ideas that you can steal for your next big event.

1. Ice Rinks

Group of ice skaters on a pop-up ice rink in a city
Group of ice skaters on a pop-up ice rink. Photo by StockSnap/Pixabay

Who says you need winter for some ice-skating fun? Synthetic ice rinks are all the rage and can be set up indoors or outdoors, even in the middle of summer. These rinks use artificial materials to mimic the feel of real ice, providing a cool (pun intended) activity for your attendees.

They’re perfect for large crowds and offer a unique way to get people moving and mingling. Plus, they’re energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Picture this: guests of all ages gliding around, laughing, and creating memories on your very own ice rink. How’s that for a unique event experience?

2. Quizzes

Quizzes are a fantastic way to get people involved without requiring them to leave their seats. They can be tailored to fit your event’s theme and are great icebreakers, especially if you organize event participants into teams.

Keep it fast-paced, add a lively MC, and you’ve got a winning formula. Use tech tools like an event app or iPad for instant scoring and leaderboards, and incorporate images, videos, and puzzles for added fun. And don’t forget the mini-games and bonus rounds with giveaways—they’re a big hit.

3. Crowd Activated Interactive Games

Thanks to advanced technology, you can now use large digital screens to create games controlled by the audience.

Imagine splitting the crowd into two teams and having them participate in a voice-activated arm wrestling match displayed on a big screen. The loudest team wins. This not only gets the crowd pumped up but also turns your event into an unforgettable spectacle.

From table tennis to soccer on large screens, these games turn audience participation into a thrilling group activity.

4. Fitness Workshops

With health and wellness being top priorities for many, why not incorporate fitness workshops into your event planning? Have a fitness instructor lead the crowd through a series of exercises accompanied by upbeat music. It’s a great way to energize the group and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you have a large open area or limited space, you can adapt the exercises to fit the venue. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) on the spot works wonders in confined spaces, ensuring everyone gets a good workout without needing much room.

5. Interactive Wait Staff

Short on space? No problem. Bring the entertainment to your guests with interactive wait staff. Think singing or dancing servers, impersonators, or even rollerbladers serving food and drinks.

These mobile entertainers not only serve but also actively engage attendees, sparking conversations and creating a memorable experience.

6. Digital Graffiti Wall

attendees writing on a digital graffiti wall at an event
Attendees writing on a digital graffiti wall at an event. Photo by NVB Stocker/Adobe Stock

Unleash your attendees’ inner artists with a digital graffiti wall. These can not only be fun but functional, too, and they encourage everyone to have a go and bring out their creative side. This can be upscaled to suit an array of contributors at once for larger crowds, or individuals can publish and be photographed with their masterpieces.

Plus, event participants can print their designs on merchandise like tote bags or t-shirts, taking a piece of the event home with them. Digital graffiti walls could also be integrated into the event feedback plan, where attendees can draw in response to questions or convey feelings about the event itself.

7. Candy Matchmakers

This one’s a sweet treat—literally. Tape pairs or groups of candies under chairs, then encourage participants to find their match.

You can then require that the group present all empty wrappers up to the front. Also, remember to try to buy candy in even numbers, so you have equal groups at the end to follow on to different audience participation games.

You can also brand generic candy with event-themed stickers for a unique sponsorship opportunity. It’s one of the most interactive entertainment ideas that gets everyone involved from the get-go.

8. Throwable Mics

Q&A sessions can be a drag, but not with throwable mics. These soft, foam-covered mics can be tossed around the audience, making it easier for attendees to ask questions without the need for runners.

This interactive element not only speeds up the process but also makes participants feel more comfortable and engaged. Plus, it adds a playful touch to what might otherwise be a formal session.

9. Photo Props

Happy people with photo props celebrating and posing at an event
Happy people with photo props celebrating at an event. Photo by blackday/Adobe Stock

Large photo props that can be released into the crowd to take photos with are excellent photo opportunities and will very quickly find their way on social media. From large frames to giant sunglasses or handheld masks, there are plenty of options available that could also be incorporated into the event theme.

To take it up a notch, set up an open photo booth with a green screen. And don’t forget to brand your props with a fun hashtag or logo to maximize your marketing reach. These photos will circulate online, spreading the word about your event far and wide.

10. Aerial Performers

When floor space is limited, look up. Aerial performers can entertain guests from above, making use of vertical space and adding a wow factor to your event.

Whether it’s aerial acrobats, silk dancers, or aerial bartenders, these performers captivate the audience and create a sense of wonder. It’s a great way to keep the crowd engaged and mesmerized without taking up valuable ground space.

11. Scavenger Hunts

crowd at an interactive event
Crowd at an interactive event. Photo by primipil/Adobe Stock

Scavenger hunts are versatile and fun for any crowd size. Set up a hunt with clues hidden throughout the venue or use event technology like QR codes and beacons to guide participants.

This activity encourages exploration, whether within the event space, around the venue grounds, or even throughout the host city. It’s a fantastic way to engage attendees, promote team building, and add interactive elements of adventure to your event.

12. Mentalists

For wow-factor entertainment, mentalists can leave an impact if they are done correctly. They are usually a stage show but can also do miniature tricks if you prefer to have walking or mingling entertainment.

In essence, a mentalist is a type of magician whose tricks are demonstrated using mental capabilities, such as mind reading, which is both memorable and gets several audience members involved. It also gets attendees talking afterward and discussing what they have just seen.

13. “Sit Down If”

group of people sitting at an event
Group of people sitting at an event. Photo by Luis Quintero/Pexels

Networking games are perfect for seated attendees. “Sit Down If” is a simple yet effective way to get people interacting. The game involves asking attendees to sit down if they don’t meet certain criteria. You can choose them based on your brand theme or event agenda.

For corporate events, you could link the criteria to the professions and services they offer. This helps attendees identify potential networking opportunities and facilitates meaningful connections. It’s an engaging icebreaker that’s both fun and functional.

14. Responsive Flooring

Whether it’s for a dancefloor, event entrance, or the main hall floor, responsive and interactive flooring can be an exciting idea that is a big hit and makes the venue more engaging without permanent fixtures or adjustments. Projectors and tracking cameras can create dynamic floor displays, such as a koi pond where fish swim away as attendees walk by.

Alternatively, set up a game where participants chase elements projected on the floor, encouraging active engagement. Responsive flooring is a visually stunning addition that captivates attendees and enhances their overall experience.

15. Continue The Story

This interactive storytelling game is perfect for direct audience engagement. The host starts with a scenario and then asks audience members to add the next line, creating a collaborative story.

It’s a great way to engage attendees, encourage creativity, and ensure everyone feels part of the narrative. Plus, it can lead to some hilarious and unexpected plot twists. Note that this would be an excellent application for throwable mics.

16. Crowd Props

people playing with crowd props like balloon at a corporate event
Crowd props like balloons at a corporate event. Photo by NVB Stocker/Adobe Stock

Everything from beach balls, balloons, confetti, giant inflatables, or even bubbles or fake snow can make the experience more magical and photo-worthy, particularly with huge crowds and audiences. Particularly good filler ideas for events like concerts, festivals, or the grand finale.

If you have two blocks of flat floor seating in front of the stage, why not launch two or more giant, different colored, 6 ft balloons from the back of the hall and see which side can return their balloon(s) back to the stage the fastest?

17. Live Bands/MCs

Audience enjoying a live concert
Audience enjoying a live concert. Photo by Pexels/Pixabay

Music is emotive, so it can be an excellent entertainment idea that appeals to many attendees and can even change people’s moods and perceptions. Make this more interesting by having unique instruments or something different, for example, dueling pianos on stage.

You could also split the crowd into groups and have a musical riff-off against one another or have them complete musical challenges such as singing lines one after the other to create an echo effect and for ultimate group participation.

Tips To Implement Interactive Entertainment Ideas Effectively

people spraying foam for entertainment at an event
People spraying foam for entertainment at an event. Photo by UMUT DAĞLI/Pexels

Here’s what you need to consider when implementing crowd engagement activities at your event:

Make The Best Use Of Your Space

Got a unique venue with quirky spaces? Perfect. Think beyond the usual setup and get creative. Utilize every nook and cranny, from ceilings and floors to hidden corners, to create a sense of wonder and exploration.

Imagine interactive elements like aerial performers overhead or responsive flooring that lights up with every step. This not only maximizes your space but also adds layers of excitement and discovery for your attendees.

Get Involved

Who says event entertainment has to be a one-way street? Some of the most memorable interactive experiences come from getting up close and personal with your audience.

Walk among your guests, engage in conversations, and be part of the entertainment. Whether it’s mingling entertainers or on-the-ground activities, personal interaction makes attendees feel valued and creates a unique, immersive experience that stands out.

Encourage Feedback

Want to know what your attendees think? Just ask. Encouraging feedback not only boosts participation but also gives you valuable insights into the event’s success. Set up interactive feedback stations or use event apps to gather real-time responses.

This live feedback can help you tweak the event on the fly and provides critical insights for event planners. Plus, when attendees see their opinions valued, it deepens their connection to your event. Be sure to consider how attendees will be given a voice because being heard in a crowd is sometimes difficult in larger audiences and event experiences.

Be Relevant

Interactive event entertainment should never be just a filler. It’s an opportunity to reinforce your event’s theme and message. Choose activities that are topical and purposeful, ensuring they align with the overall goals of the event.

For instance, if your event focuses on innovation, incorporate tech-driven interactive elements like virtual reality demos or augmented reality games. This relevance not only keeps the entertainment engaging but also strengthens the impact of your message.

FAQs – Interactive Event Entertainment Ideas

crowd playing interactive games at event by putting their hands up to match the speaker at the front of the crowd
Crowd playing interactive games at an event. Photo by JaimePLopes/Pixabay

What are some effective interactive ideas for a virtual event?

Virtual events offer a fantastic platform for interactive entertainment. Popular ideas include virtual escape rooms, trivia games, interactive casino night experiences, and virtual tours. These activities engage participants actively in a digital space, promoting audience interaction and attendee engagement.

How can event organizers ensure a successful event?

Event organizers can ensure a successful event by incorporating interactive components that engage the audience. This includes offering activities like scavenger hunts, social media contests, and group discussions. Encouraging attendees to participate actively and providing unique experiences can significantly enhance the event’s success.

What are hybrid events, and how do they work?

Hybrid events combine both in-person and virtual elements, allowing participants to join either at a physical location or online. This format is flexible and can accommodate a diverse range of attendees. Hybrid events often include interactive components such as virtual rooms, in-person conference sessions, and online community interactions to engage all participants.

How can social media contests benefit an event?

A social media contest is a fantastic way to boost engagement and extend the event’s reach. By encouraging attendees to participate in challenges or share event-related content on social media, you can create buzz and excitement around your event. These contests can also help build an online community and promote audience interaction.

How can event organizers respect participants’ preferences and needs?

Respect participants’ preferences by offering a diverse range of crowd engagement activities that cater to different interests and comfort levels. Offering exclusive access to certain areas, facilitating group check-ins, and ensuring that activities are inclusive and engaging for all attendees is essential. Tailoring the event agenda to accommodate both extroverted and introverted participants can also help make everyone feel valued.

Build Lasting Connections With Interactive Event Ideas

Audience facing the stage at a conference event
Audience facing the stage at a conference event. Photo by THANANIT/Adobe Stock

The key is to make your attendees feel like they are part of the event, fostering emotional connections and making the experience memorable (the best kind of event marketing).

From synthetic ice rinks and quizzes to digital graffiti walls and aerial performers, the possibilities are endless. Get involved with your audience, encourage their feedback, and always keep your entertainment relevant to your event’s theme.

When attendees leave your event with smiles on their faces and stories to tell, you know you’ve created something special.

So, next time you’re planning an event, think outside the box and consider these interactive entertainment ideas. Need more tips and insights on making your events and meetings unforgettable? Sign up for our newsletter to never miss a scoop.

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