Innovating Conferences

Last week I had the chance to meet with fellow event blogger Gianfranco Chicco from Conference Basics, one of the best blogs about events out there.

We’ve been postponing a double feature for a while now, but finally we managed to shoot an interview.

Who is Gianfranco?

Gianfranco is marketing manager and organizer for conferences that I deeply respect, such as Picnic in Amsterdam.

He also attends tons of cool events. In fact I believe his calendar of the top events to attend is an amazing collection of the best gigs out there.

Moreover, he also writes in-depth reviews of events, dissecting them to the bone. See his Wired UK review (I totally agree by the way).

The Future of Conferences

I asked him to share with you, dear reader, the coolest trends and ideas in the conference world.

Let’s be honest with ourselves and admit we are kind of bored of the same stuff being pushed as amazing. On the other end the various unconference gurus out there are transforming innovative concepts into commodities.

It is very tough to find the equilibrium among the old and new without becoming boring in between.

Hence here’s Gianfranco’s take, grab your popcorn and enjoy: